Clark Beckham Is The Whole Package

American Idol is having a major talent problem this season. Talented artists are going home left and right, and are being replaced with cute and immature young singers. One talented artist that will remain this week is 22-year-old Clark Beckham. Beckham has flown under the radar week after week, but there's no denying this guy has talent. His arrangement of Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning" was even better than the original and earned the first sincere compliments of the night from the judges. Beckham has officially restored my faith in the voters of American Idol, and deserves to make it far in this game.

Tonight was a really tough night for Idol. Many of the movie soundtrack performances fell far short of amazing and earned some really harsh comments from the judges — Harry Connick, Jr. has been especially channelling his inner Simon Cowell tonight. Beckham was the only contestant that really wowed the judges, and that speaks volumes of his talent. He got the best comment of the night from Connick, Jr., who said Beckham "knocked it out of the park." And he certainly did. Beckham really shined against the lackluster performances of the night, and really stood out as the best in show.

Beckham has the simplest, purest talent of this season. There are plenty of talented artists who have their quirks and tricks that help them really shine. But the Tennessee street performer doesn't need any smoke and mirrors to stand out. He can simply sit on a stool with his guitar and sing his way into the hearts of the viewers. It also helps that he lives up to the Beckham last name — though there's no relation — and is incredibly dreamy. Beckham has the whole package — talent, looks, and charm — and will go incredibly far this season.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX