So, Did Derek Cheat On Meredith Or Not?

During another frustrating Grey's Anatomy cliffhanger, Derek Shepherd finally came home to see Meredith Grey, but his arrival wasn't exactly met with open arms. I'm not surprised his wife wasn't thrilled to see him. Poor Meredith spent much of the episode trying to explain away why a woman had answered her husband's phone when she called, but she kept landing on the fear that he was cheating on her. Although fans of MerDer would like to think he'd never cheat after all the couple has been through, it's really not looking good for the pair.

Nothing is more concerning than the fact that shortly after this woman answered his phone Derek hopped on the first plane back to Seattle to greet his wife. "You called me and a woman answered my phone," he said, offering no explanation as he stood in the doorway of their house.

It seems like the show is intentionally trying to make him look guilty. The promo for next week even shows flashbacks of him and another woman as she laments that he can't stay longer. So, did he stay? Did he cheat? Fans still don't know, but I'm going to try to remain optimistic that despite the mystery woman's cajoling, he did leave before anything happened. After all, he says in the promo for next week that he came home to work on his marriage because he knows that they're in trouble.

I'd like to think that if he were so over his marriage that he slept with someone else, that he wouldn't care enough to come home and fix things. He didn't with Addison. So maybe it's a good sign that at the first glimpse of trouble, he flew away from the temptation.

Until we know for sure that he did or didn't cheat, I'm taking the Callie Torres approach to the situation. She beautifully reminded Meredith of all that is wonderful about the two of them. "You and Derek are living proof that love exists, that there's hope," she said. "You're a fricking romance novel. Team MerDer!"

Team MerDer, indeed.

Images: ABC screengrab; aprilaavery/Tumblr