Wanna See Some Gorgeous Pizza Tattoos?

There are certain things you might think twice about getting tattooed — a lover's name, a company logo, a teen heartthrob — but pizza? Pizza is never on that list. Just one look at the glorious @PizzaTattoos Instagram account will show you why nature's most delicious circle is always a good idea to ink. Are you into a darker slice of life? Well, then your pizza can be depicted inside a coffin. A religious type? Why not just replace Jesus' sacred heart with the most sacred slab of dough? A lover of ladies? What could be sexier than an edible pinup girl? No matter your personality type, there is a pizza tattoo for you.

As a person with a fair number of tattoos, I have personally never considered getting a pie on my arm, but perusing this account might have changed my mind — particularly if said tattoo is paired with my pet of choice. Everyone knows the deep emotional attachment so many of us have to pizza, but adding your love of cats? Forget about it. If there's one thing better than sauce, cheese and bread, it's pizza with a side of pussy. Clearly, there are plenty of folks already hip to this knowledge, since a solid percentage of pizza tattoos come equipped with a feline accomplice.

Images: Instagram/PizzaTattoos