Kim K.'s Wedgie Got Kanye Excited

Late last night, Kim Kardashian officially came out of wherever she's been hiding since giving birth to daughter North West in June. Sure, she's attended a few events recently and been active on social media, but with the Instagram picture she posted late last night, the Kardashian we all know and love is really back. That is, the Kardashian ass.

In the photo, Kim is wearing a white one-piece that goes very, very — and probably uncomfortably — far up her famous butt. Since her back is towards the camera and she's turned to look over her shoulder, there's also a healthy amount of sideboob. The caption simply reads #nofilter. She looks absolutely gorgeous, and if I hadn't seen her get an X-ray with my own eyes on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I would assume that rump was fake.

Seriously, why has she been hiding? But more importantly, does that mean she's done hiding now? Can we go back to a media that is completely over-saturated by Kim Kardashian news? It's bad enough that we had to spend the last few weeks fielding Bruce Jenner over-saturation.

And apparently I'm not the only one who thought she looked good, as her boyfriend, Kanye West, tweeted the following response pretty quickly.

Of course, when he said this, West also meant #NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK. But the Yeezus singer wasn't the only one to react strongly to Kim's wedgie pic, as other fans and admirers tweeted their feelings.

And just for reference, here's the picture.

Image: Kim Kardashian via Instagram