Mindy + McDonald's + You = Perfection

Add this to your list of reasons to love The Mindy Project actress. While appearing on Conan, Mindy Kaling revealed her love of McDonald's and she isn't afraid to admit it. It's no secret the comedienne loves the fast food restaurant. If you follow her on Instagram, then you definitely know Kaling can't stay away from McDonald's. In fact, she told Conan O'Brien that she eats there about twice a week, because she loves it and it's just easier with her busy schedule. However, Kaling always chooses the drive-thru rather than going inside and dining in.

This got me thinking: What would it be like to eat at McDonald's with Kaling? Obviously, it'd be the best moment of my entire life. Seriously, nothing else would top it — and that comes from someone who rarely (and I mean rarely) eats fast food, not to mention doesn't eat meat. So even though Kaling would probably want me to eat a Quarter Pounder alongside her, that wouldn't happen, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't have a fabulous time.

So let's imagine what a McDonald's experience would be like with the Mindy Kaling. Oh, and Mindy, if you're reading this: I'm free to accompany you whenever you get your next McDonald's craving.

Everyone Would Be Jealous

Imagine walking into McDonald's with Kaling. Immediately, everyone would be jealous and wish they were you.

She'd Teach You How & What To Order

Seeing as Kaling is a genius when it comes to the fast food chain, she would most likely teach you how to order correctly and, obviously, what to order.

You Wouldn't Have To Wait For Your Food

It's Mindy Kaling, so why wouldn't you get the best service?

You'd Get The Best Table


You'd Have Stimulating Conversation

Let's face it: Any chat with Kaling would be amazing and hilarious.

You'd Order Dessert

After chowing down on your delicious meal, Kaling would insist on dessert.

You'd Empty Your Own Trays

Just because she's famous, Kaling doesn't expect to be waited on hand and foot. Yep, she really is like us normal folk.

She'd Make A Grand Exit

Until next time, Mickey D's.

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