The Best TV Proposals Of All Time

There's nothing I love more than some good ol' fashioned relationship drama on television (that's probably why I 'shipped Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl for as long as I did), but even I have to admit: Sometimes, it's just better to see your favorite characters happy as opposed to downright miserable because of some miscellaneous relationship problem. Just as people deserve happiness in their lives, so do our favorite characters! We all certainly treat them like they're real enough in our heads, anyway. So, in honor of National Proposal Day on Friday, I've decided to take a good, long look at some of TV's best marriage proposal moments of all time — you know, as proof of this whole happy characters = happy viewers theory. (And also because no one should ever need an excuse to look at adorable 'ship videos on YouTube.)

Of course, for someone who watches as much television as I do, this was no easy feat — there are a lot of couples I love, and a lot of couples who have had adorable proposal moments. So, trust me when I say, I thought long and hard about what couples really belonged on this list. So, here you have it: Your definitive list of the 7 best TV marriage proposals of all time. Note: This list is best read while listening to a sappy romantic song from the '80s, and eating a pint of ice cream.

Boy Meets World — Cory & Topanga

Not only was this moment totally jaw-dropping television, but it was also progressive — Topanga proposes to Cory rather than vice versa!

Friends — Chandler & Monica

Rachel and Ross may have been the called the lobsters of Friends, but this proposal proves it was actually Chandler and Monica.

Parks and Recreation — Ben & Leslie

Is there a couple more perfect than Ben and Leslie? No, no there is not — and here is proof.

Gossip Girl — Chuck & Blair

I know, I know — Chuck and Blair didn't exactly have the best relationship during the run of Gossip Girl. In fact, I'm pretty sure using the word "tumultuous" to describe their relationship would be a massive understatement. However, Chuck and Blair were always endgame (sorry, Dan), and seeing Chuck finally propose to Blair during the show's series finale was a moment that was a long time coming.

Gilmore Girls — Luke & Lorelai

Lorelai may have proposed to Luke for all the wrong reasons (stress over Rory leaving Yale, for instance), but it was still a moment that fans were waiting for since Luke served Lorelai that first cup of coffee in the pilot episode — and boy, did it deliver.

The Office — Jim & Pam

UGH. MY EMOTIONS. THESE TWO WERE THE BEST. *sobs into keyboard like the grown-ass woman I am*

Sex and the City — Aidan & Carrie

Sure, Carrie and Aidan's relationship may have been ultimately doomed because #drama, it's hard to deny that the scene where Aidan gets down on one knee isn't still absolutely iconic.

Image: NBC