Kourtney Kardashian's ASOS Coat Could Be Yours

by Lauren Turner

While out and about in Beverly Hills, the eldest Kardashian sister welcomed spring in style and savings. Yes, the superrich Kourtney Kardashian wore a pink coat out today, and it cost way less than you'd guess.

The coat in question: The $68 First & I Pink Trench Coat from It was the perfect addition to her simple white tee and light-washed jeans. And it looks like something I could live in. All of the drapes and layers flowed with Kardashian, instead of the traditional uber constructed trench. And the color! It's everything I need in a fresh spring jacket.

You know when you see your favorite celebrity in something that's so your style, you can literally see yourself in it? And then you realize they probably paid the equivalent of 7 student loan payments for it? That's exactly what happened when I saw Kourtney looking pretty in pink. So you can imagine how excited I was to learn that Kardashian loves affordable fashion sites just as much as I do!

If you feel the same way I do about Kardashian's spring-perfect coat, here are seven other pink jackets you could shop to steal her look.

1. Urban Outfitters LACAUSA Tencel Mid-Calf Coat

The cool thing about this one is that it's not really a trench at all. If you're looking for something similar to Kardashian's flow-y style, this is the one. With side slits and some lace paneling, you can take this anywhere, whether it's a music festival or an evening party. (LACAUSA Tencel Mid-Calf Coat,, $79.99).

2. ASOS Trench With Tab Detail

I like this trench because of how it hints at the detailing of a traditional trench. The color feels a little more lilac to me, but it still works for spring. (ASOS Trench With Tab Detail,, $134).

3. Missguided Hennie Peached Trench Coat Salmon Pink

For a deeper color and a cut that hits just below the knee, check out this trench. Its salmon pink hue will be a great transition into fall (whenever that day comes) and the cut will still show off a little leg. (Hennie Peached Trench Coat Salmon Pink,, $90).

4. Revolve Tibi Trench Coat

For a sweeter and simpler coat, this one does wonders. The color is a little more pink than blush, and instead of drapes, there are clean-lined folds with a cool button-up front. (Tibi Trench Coat,, $473).

5. ASOS Trench With Waterfall Drape

This coat is probably the most similar to Kardashian's trench. From color to the waterfall drape-y style, ASOS really has this style of coat down. (ASOS Trench With Waterfall Drape,, $134).

6. Modcloth Befit To Be Tied Coat

The cut of this trench is super playful and probably a little more suited for summer. Again, it features some of the drape-y cuts that makes Kardashian's coat so perfect, but just a little shorter. (Befit To Be Tied Coat,, $89.99).

7. Daily Look Cameron Cropped Trench Coat

For a fun version of Kardashian's long coat, this shorter version is simply irresistible. The best part is how easily it can be transitioned from work to play. It's so light, and the way it sits would make anyone look good. (Cameron Cropped Trench Coat,, $69.99).