Shots Fired in New Orleans Airport

According to authorities, shots rang out at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans, Louisiana, Friday night. Though details regarding the shooting are still developing, those present at the scene claim police responded to a commotion Friday evening. Though an earlier report claimed that two people were stabbed while in line at security, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand told media that just two people suffered notable injuries: Taxi driver Richard White, who was shot three times by a TSA agent after wielding wasp spray and a machete, and a bystander in the security line who was grazed by a bullet.

ABC News reports that the FBI is responding to the shooting at Louis Armstrong Airport.

Even though the circumstances surrounding the shooting are still unknown, with authorities only confirming one person shot, photos and news began pouring in on social media following the incident. While the New Orleans Airport's Twitter account confirmed that following "a security incident," the airport "has been secured," others on social media showed that the situation might be more serious than a simple "incident." Take this photo, which shows police response outside of the airport:

While others managed to capture frantic details from inside the airport.

Other reports indicated an increased level of security outside the airport.

One Instagram user chronicled an evacuation within the airport.

This is just the latest shooting to be reported this week — on Wednesday, a shooting in Mesa, Arizona, left several wounded and one dead.

In a press conference Saturday, authorities from Jefferson Parish released some new details about the attack. According to the officials, White's bag also contained six molotov cocktails and a barbecue lighter, and smoke bombs were also discovered inside his car. They stated further that White was unconscious at a hospital, following surgery for his gunshot wounds.

On Saturday evening, however, multiple outlets have reported that White's been pronounced dead at a hospital, succumbing to the three bullet wounds he sustained Friday night.