Congratulations, Jessica Pare!

Big news for one Mad Men star: According to People, Megan Draper herself, Jessica Paré, welcomed her first child, a baby boy, this week. She and the baby's father, musician John Kaster, have named him Blues Anthony. Kastner announced the birth himself on Friday with an Instagram of the baby being held by his adorable seven-year-old daughter Summer.

The name Blues Anthony slides right off the tongue like the name of a character in a beloved childhood novel, or maybe the name of a rocking classical musician. No, Kaster isn't a blues musician (wouldn't that be a little too on the nose?); he's actually a composer and a singer in a punk band.

Kaster and Paré have been dating since 2012, and they announced their pregnancy in October. Contrary to how the timing may seem, Paré's pregnancy didn't end up affecting her character, Megan, on Mad Men, as the pregnancy occurred after the series had wrapped. And though Megan and Don broke up at the end of Season 7, it looks like we will be seeing Megan in the final season (and she will look amazing, of course), which is basically all we learned from the enigmatic promo.

Congratulations to Paré and Kaster! Here's their adorable announcement: