North West Trades Doc Martens For Stan Smiths

by Augusta Statz

North West has become quite the fashion mogul, and at such a young age! That comes as no surprise when her parents are…you know, who they are. It’s quite convenient that she has a cardinal direction for a name, because she’s definitely directing us all toward what’s trendy. I know one thing’s for sure: My style radar is always pointed towards North West (pun very much intended) these days. For instance, North West wore some Stan Smiths, and now I'm so ready to take on the sneaker trend.

First, she got me wishing I’d look as cool as she does in Doc Martens, and now, before I could even catch up, she went and switched things up on me. The Doc Martens looked so good in miniature version and became quite the wardrobe staple for the world’s most fashionable tot. But recently she’s been spotted wearing a tiny adorable pair of Adidas Stan Smiths in a picture posted on Khloé Kardashian’s Instagram.

It’s no surprise that they’re keeping Adidas in the family, given how on-trend the sneakers are right now and daddy Kanye’s recent collab with the brand. But dang, North. You’ve gone and done it again. I was really loving the whole skirt/sneaker trend (especially since Kendall Jenner was seen wearing it). Now I just hope that I can pull it off as well as little North West can — at least until she kicks off the next shoe trend, that is!