The 10 Emotional Stages Of 'Shipping Caitlin Snow & Barry Allen On 'The Flash'

The life of a non-canon supporter is often the most tumultuous, and the SnowBarry 'shippers from The Flash are definitely experiencing a rocky ride. Technically, both Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow have different love interests, but come on — they're perfect together. It's difficult because Grant Gustin is so charming on screen as Barry Allen that I want to ship him with every character and object and location on The Flash — he's basically this show's equivalent of Felicity Smoak from Arrow, which explains why the two of them gravitated towards each other on screen, too. They couldn't help it, and quickly called it quits.

Sometimes, the best 'ships are the ones that you have to fight for. They're the ones that feel the most special.

Whether you want them to be endgame, ship them platonically (it happens), or think they'd be a healthy rebound before heading off to their respective baes, you can't deny the chemistry between Caitlin Snow and Barry Allen. I've actually started to prefer them myself, if only while we wait for Barry and Iris to be on the same page. In the meantime, Caitlin and Barry are beyond precious, but their journey has not been smooth sailing in terms of the feels. Here are 10 of the emotions SnowBerry 'shippers have been through over the course of The Flash's first season.

The Innocent Hope Of A 'Ship Emerging

Ooooh really? Cisco compared Barry's affect on Caitlin to Ronnie Raymond, her presumed dead fiancé? The bickering is a sign of affection? I'm listening...

The "Go Home Felicity Smoak, You Have Enough Boyfriends" Annoyance

But seriously.

The "Ronnie Is Alive & Now I Don't Know What To Feel" Feel

Caitlin was doing so well! Then her ex showed up super different. This just complicated everything.

The Frustration When Iris Rejects Barry & He Can't Take A Hint

Nobody likes a guy who complains about the "friendzone," as though friendship is a punishment and Iris wasn't completely clear about not reciprocating Barry's feelings. Time to move on.

The Prayer That These Two Will See What's In Front Of Them


The Insane Wanting After The "Crazy For You" Episode

"You saved me from this evil dress?" "You deserve a peek?" Caitlin! Snow! Barry! He was in her bed! The two of them support each other and clearly care about each other and in this episode, they were so close to something more that it hurts.

The Instant Disappointment, aka "Linda"

Ugh, I guess. He'll never learn.

The Relief When Ronnie/Firestorm Flew Off

It was nice to see Caitlin happy again, but my 'shipper heart was glad that she got the closure she needed.

The Confused Sadness When Iris & Barry Kiss

Like I said, sometimes you just want characters to be happy even if your 'ship is sinking.

The Smug Embarrassment When He Told Iris He's The Flash

Ruh roh! That's not going to go over well for Barry or Caitlin, who lied to Iris as well.

The "Barry Created An Alternate Universe #SNOWBARRY4EVA" Glee

Redacted! Everything you just felt has been redacted by the fact that Barry just time traveled to a place where that kiss and admission never happened, suckers! Hope returns!

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