Kim Kardashian Isn't 'Gone Girl,' & Here's 7 Less Creepy People Rob Kardashian Could've Compared His Sister To

Uh, so, if you somehow haven't heard or you don't follow him on social media, Rob Kardashian apparently uploaded an arguably problematic picture to his Instagram. You see, it was a still shot from Gone Girl, which you know, was a great movie and all, but not one I'm sure I'd be reposting. But, to each his own I suppose. The weird thing about it wasn't that he uploaded it though, it was what he captioned it that captivated nearly everyone's attention. Kardashian wrote, "This is my sister Kim, the bitch from Gone Girl..." More specifically, Us Weekly explains that, "The shot features actress Rosamund Pike, who played the (spoiler alert!) deranged murderer and psychopath Amy Dunne, covered in blood after a particularly gruesome scene in the movie." So, yeah, um, I'm just as uncomfortable as you right now.

I get it, I have a sister and sometimes she has the ability to piss me off. Who doesn't get peeved by their sibling every once in awhile? But, I'm not too certain I, or most other people, would ever publicly compare a sibling to a ruthless, sociopathic murderess. I guess it can potentially be a joke, but then again, I don't see where she'd find the humor in it. Unless, he's simply comparing their hair color... that could be it, right? Yeah, no, probably not.

Anyway, in keeping with this odd comparison he has gone and made, I figured I'd do one of my own. Here are 7 other less sinister or creepy people he could have compared Kim to that may have resulted in a slightly less outraged public response:

Jason Voorhees

Sure, he's killed more fictional people than Amy Dunne but he's never done it under the guise of an unsuspecting suburban housewife. He was always pretty open about his murderous inclination.

Michael Myers

No one can send chills down my spine quite like Michael Myers, except for someone who can break a wine bottle and then, ya know, do what Amy did with it.


Hannibal Lector

He eats people. That's pretty tough to beat terrifying-wise, but Gone Girl *Spoiler Alert* killed Neil Patrick Harris and I just don't think there's an act more reprehensible than that.

Samara AKA that nightmare inducing little girl from The Ring

She was young, she was trapped in a well, she didn't know what she was doing. Amy, on the other hand...

Brainy from Hey Arnold

Sure, he hasn't quite grasped personal space, but he's also never murdered anyone. I think.

The creepy janitor from the Halloween episode of Boy Meets World

That middle part is pretty hard to forgive or get over, but Dunne's incognito look may even trump this disconcerting get up.


We were all skeptical of Twisty in the beginning until we learned his back story and then we were weirdly sympathetic to his plight. Whereas we rooted for Amy until we learned her back story and spent the rest of the week looking over our shoulders and under the bed, just in case.

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