'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney Are Starting A New Family & On Their Way To A Happy Ending

Original MTV reality star Maci Bookout has been lucky enough to avoid some of the major pitfalls of her Teen Mom costars. But we have watched her strenuous relationship with her on-again, off-again ex, Ryan Edwards, which has tested her patience and ability to co-parent their son Bentley. But now, Maci is in a new relationship with Taylor McKinney. They've been together since 2013, but in December 2014, announced to In Touch that they're expecting a baby girl, who will be named Jade, in June of 2015. The couple was happily surprised by the news, as Maci explained to In Touch that she has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which made her chances of conceiving were very low, and now both McKinney and Maci are very excited to have a new baby together.

In an interview with TV Guide, Maci admitted that her relationship with Ryan would be "a big part of the season," but was quick to add that her ex has nothing to do with her relationship with McKinney. If anything, she's sought out the exact opposite of Ryan in her new partner, and everything about McKinney points to him being an excellent husband and father.

They've Stuck Together

One of the big red flags around Ryan and Maci's relationship is that they'd have periods of reconciliation abruptly cut short by huge fights and breakups. While I'm sure Maci and Taylor have their disagreements, they're not constantly breaking up and going through volatile emotional swings.

He's Responsible Enough to Be Around Bentley

Maci confessed to TV Guide that for a while now, she's felt like Ryan's parents are Bentley's real family, not Ryan, because they're the ones who help her take care of him. While he clearly cares about his son, Ryan is still struggling to adapt his lifestyle to be more child-friendly. By contrast, Taylor takes Bentley out to baseball games when Maci isn't even there — if he can be trusted with her son alone, that shows that he's on his way to being a great stepparent to Bentley.

They're Absolutely Adorable Together

Is that enough to build a whole life together? Of course not, but it doesn't hurt. And if they're spending enough time together for cute photo ops on weekends and selfies in bed, it seems like their relationship is still super close and intimate. D'aww!

Taylor Is Happy To Become A Dad

In every trailer, photo, and interview released in advance of the season, it seems like Taylor is always by Maci's side, proud and happy of their new baby. The chances of making this new family work when both parents seem so devoted are pretty high.

Images: MTV (2)