'Charm'-ers Kathryn & Thomas Are Better Off Apart

When Kathryn and Thomas first got together on Southern Charm, I was kind of in love with them. Of course, they seemed totally wrong for each other, but that was one of the reasons I rooted for them. Age is just a number, and you can't help who you love, right? They seemed to care about each other in a summer romance kind of way, and once Thomas and Kathryn had a baby together and seemed to have evolved their fling into a full blown, real relationship, I was convinced they were going to make it work. Unfortunately, it didn't last. As it turns out, the reason they seemed wrong for each other in the beginning is because they're actually wrong for each other, and have been all along. And while Kathryn and Thomas could get married and have a huge, fancy Southern Charm wedding, it would definitely be a bad decision.

And if they did get married? It would be a total disaster, and I'd be seriously shocked if it lasted. I can no longer be blind to the fact that the Thomas & Kathryn romance actually was doomed from the start, and not just because basically the entire town of Charleston saw it as a huge mistake from the first day they met. For the happiness of everyone involved, Kathryn and Thomas should probably just remain cordial co-parents.

Between the two of them, there's just too much drama, and it doesn't help that both of them totally revel in being the center of attention. Between Thomas and his advice-giving dinner parties and Kathryn's flair for the dramatic, I wouldn't be surprised if they had a blow out fight on a weekly basis. And as much I don't want to go there, age does play into this, too — thirty years is a huge difference, and they are both obviously at different places in their lives and would likely benefit from dating people who are closer to their respective ages.

Besides, I can't help but think that a married Kathryn and Thomas would be terrible for their daughter. Between the arguments, the alleged cheating rumors on both sides, and the fact that I've never seen these two actually agree on something, a union between these two doesn't sound like a terribly happy or stable environment in which to raise a child.

Their relationship is unhealthy, and it definitely seems like they've both recognized that and decided to finally get off the Hot Mess Express for once and for all. Fingers crossed they're able to remain civil toward each other for Kensie's sake. She deserves two happy parents who get along!

Image: Brianna Stello/Bravo