Are Kathryn Dennis & Thomas Ravenel Living Together After 'Southern Charm' Season 2 Wrapped? Sorry, 'Shippers...

It's been a long time since we last caught up with the cast of Southern Charm, but that's all about to end. On Monday, March 16, Southern Charm is finally back for Season 2, and you know what that means? The drama between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel is back too. During last season's finale, these two dropped a major bomb on us: Shortly after the show finished filming, Kathryn and Thomas had a baby together, and it seemed that baby Kensington was their missing piece in putting their relationship back together. Unfortunately, since then they've also learned what the rest of us already knew: A baby cannot fix a relationship that isn't working, and Kathryn & Thomas have since split up. So what about now? Are they living together for the sake of the show and their daughter? According to the politician himself, Kathryn and Thomas are no longer living together, but they are co-parenting.

In a very recent interview with the New York Post, Thomas shared a few details about their split, including how this whole post-breakup parenting thing is going. Apparently, Kathryn now lives with her parents (with the baby), so it would stand to reason that Thomas is by himself once again in his ridiculously huge house, sleeping alone in his bed that I'm just going to assume is made of crisp one hundred dollar bills. Thomas still spends plenty of time with Kensie, and occasionally he'll tag Kathryn in his photos with their daughter on Twitter from time to time, so at least they're not on terrible terms.

But if you're the sort of person who saves the drama for the small screen, you probably missed the brutal breakup that happened last October, and it was pretty brutal. Their breakup was announced via Thomas' Facebook page, and although his post has since been deleted, nothing can ever truly be removed from the internet. It all came out after Thomas was accused of assaulting Kathryn's hairdresser, Lauren Moser, and it sounds like things just went downhill from there when Kathryn didn't show up to testify at the hearing that followed.

At the time, his Facebook post said:

When the allegations surfaced that I had assaulted Kathryn Dennis’ hairdresser, I pleaded with Kathryn to leave the Bravo shoot in Jekyll Island. They had even packed her bags and had lined up a driver. She told me she was coming to clear my name but then she backed out at the last second and delayed telling the truth by 1 an 1/2 days. $900k of my campaign money down the drain. The investigators even told me that if she would have come and corroborated the accuser’s story I would be cleared. The temptation of missing film time was a more a important value to her. So telling. Our relationship is over.

Ironically, in his New York Post article, Thomas also attributes their breakup to their 30-year age difference — not surprising, but maybe Thomas shouldn't boast about how much more mature he is than the 23-year-old Kathryn if he's going to air their relationship's dirty laundry on social media. Just saying!

And in any event, the best part of their relationship is still doing fine: Kensington, who Kathryn often calls Kensie, and the adorable Instagram pics proud mom Kathryn posts regularly. All babies are cute, of course, but this baby is truly gorgeous — and I attribute that to the fact that she looks exactly like her mother.

Get married, split, never talk to each other again — Kathryn and Thomas can do whatever they want, as long as the cute pictures of Kensie keep coming.

Image: Brianna Stello/Bravo