Fran Drescher & Mr. Email Are The New Weird Comedienne-Tech Guy Couple

Good news girls, funny must be the new sexy because our favorite blushing girl from Flushing, Fran Drescher is dating Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of email. This isn't the first time a comedienne has paired off with a tech brain, though: remember the weirdness that was Kathy Griffin and Steve Wozniak? We can only hope that if these two break up, they break up in as chill and admirable a fashion as Griffin and Wozniak did. But clearly, there is something to be said for funny and smart often going together like wine and more wine.

The urge to feel saddened by the fact that Fran Drescher can land an MIT graduate and most girls I know struggle to land the guy who serves them coffee is somewhat dampened by the fact that hey, clearly all the good ones aren't taken, and if Fran Drescher can land them, so can you!

Pairings like this, despite the initial befuddlement, warm my heart. My boyfriend studies chemistry and I write about celebrities, so I'd like to think that yes, somewhere in this disorganized universe, there is a force bringing together brains and humor, and that force gives us nerds, bookworms and loudmouthed ladies something to feel hopeful about.

If Fran can take home this suave-looking MIT professor with her widows peak and an accent that kills boners for miles around, then hell, you can bet your ass there is a very nice scientist or IT guy, plunkered down somewhere waiting to be bowled over by your hilarity.

Kathy Griffin did it, Fran Drescher is doing it, WE CAN ALL DO IT. Or at least that's how I'm interpreting it. Because if it isn't as I just described, Fran Drescher might just be the proud owner of something my mom calls "Magic Pussy," and that thought is seriously terrifying. The Nanny luring men in with her amazing vagina powers is not a thought I care to entertain, but if she is doing that, well, hats off to her.