Lego 'Jurassic Park' By A Little Girl And Her Dad

If you haven’t seen this stop-motion Lego Jurassic Park remake, you seriously need to check it out. A father and his daughter created this 3-minute retelling of the beloved movie with the help of the Lego animators at Digital Wizards Studios. This “brick flick,” as Lego animations have come to be called, involved $100,000 worth of Lego pieces as well as more advanced filmmaking techniques such as green screens and dollies. This, needless to say, isn’t your average fan video. This video is the result of a serious, high-budget production (which is a completely awesome thing to build around the project of a dad and his kid).

That really is the best part: This was all done so 8-year-old Hailee and her dad could play with Legos. Hailee seems to be very involved with Digital Wizards Studios. She even has her own segment where she reviews different Lego kits, such as “Summer Riding Camp” and “Flying Club Lego Friends.” Her segment, Brick Grrl , is described as “a show for girls made by girls.” Nothing not to love about that!

Before the introduction of the pink lego, Lego was at the forefront of gender equality when it came to its toys. Not too long ago, a letter to parents that had been inserted in a 1970s Lego kit circulated the Internet. (Lego later confirmed the letter's authenticity.) Part of it reads, “A lot of boys like dolls houses. They’re more human than spaceships. A lot of girls prefer spaceships. They’re more exciting than dolls houses.”

It's a powerful letter that serves as a reminder as to what Legos are designed to do: Inspire creativity in all children, regardless of gender identity. Fields such as a filmmaking and animation are heavily saturated with men. According to Women Make Movies, in 2012, only 18% of directors, producers, executive producers, editors, cinematographers and writers in the top 250 domestic grossing films were women. That's a very stark underrepresentation, especially when you keep in mind that women comprise roughly 51% of the population. However, seeing a young girl like Hailee so involved with filmmaking and animation from such an early age, especially using toys that are staples when it comes fostering children's (and adult's!) creativity, is very exciting. You can see the tremendous amount of time it took Hailee, her dad and Digital Wizards Studios in this behind the scenes video.

Here is the full video of the Jurassic Park Lego remake:

Images: Digital Wizard Studios/YouTube(2); Imgur