Kendra Wilkinson Is Pregnant With Her Second Child — Let's Hope Cameras Are Rolling

It seems reality star Kendra Wilkinson's reality is pretty damn good. Because, on Thursday, the world discovered that Wilkinson is pregnant with her second child with former NFL player Hank Baskett. The couple, who co-starred alongside one another in E!'s Kendra and on WE's Kendra On Top, already have a 4-year-old son, Hank Baskett IV.

And, for once, I have to say: I hope the cameras are rolling to capture every moment. Not only is Wilkinson an undeniable charmer — she has had two reality shows after all — but her first pregnancy, birth, and recovery was fascinating to watch. For once, we saw a celebrity who wasn't racing to every magazine cover to prove how fabulous and fit she was just weeks after giving birth. No, on Kendra, we saw a woman previously valued only for her looks attempting (and often failing) to recapture the appearance that once made her famous. Few women in America would claim to have anything in common with a Playboy model, but, watching Kendra, many realized that celebrities too cope with the same things normal women do post-pregnancy: depression, exhaustion, and an inability to immediately shrink to centerfold status.

And, in a world in which we're often forced to assume there's something wrong with us — why can't we reach a fit post-body weight in record time like Jenna Dewan-Tatum? — it's important to be reminded of that very fact. So, congratulations, Kendra and Hank — we look forward to watching a reality series about your pregnancy that at last finally feels real.