Daniel Seavey Is Actually Talented, OK?!

American Idol has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, and I've been watching and voting since Kelly Clarkson won many moons ago. Throughout the years, contestants on the beloved talent show have run the gamut from viral sensations ("She Bangs," anyone?), to one hit wonders, to global country superstars. This year, 15-year-old American Ido l contestant Daniel Seavey is quickly becoming a fan favorite, while at the same time being criticized for making it to the Top 10 due to his, supposed, lack of experience and talent.

I guess some backlash to Seavey was to be expected, because he is very young and certainly doesn't have the stage presence and experience of a contestant like Clark Beckham, who is pretty much professional already. But isn't this show about finding diamonds in the rough, anyway? It's cool to find a pretty much established artist with loads of YouTube videos and Internet fans under their belt, but it's also fun to watch a young singer grow and find their own voice — literally.

When I watched his first audition, Seavey was one of my favorites because I adored his slightly husky tone and the unique timbre to his voice. Plus, he was young and, yes, as J. Lo can't stop reiterating, such "a cutie."

So, while Seavey's performance of Lost Stars left something to be desired for some viewers, his fans and the judges have high hopes for him. He may be young, but here is proof that Seavey has the goods and deserves a spot in the Top 10 on American Idol. And even if he doesn't win the whole thing, I think he will do just fine.

This Cover Of Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud"

Ed Sheeran has an incredible voice, so stepping into his footsteps is no easy task, but Seavey makes it sound effortless in this video of him playing piano with a friend.

He Can Play Many Instruments

During his first audition, Seavey a song on the piano and guitar, but those aren't his only talents. He also plays the cello, saxophone, and violin, among others. Not too many just-turned-15-year-olds can boast about that.

He Is A Hustler

Just like Justin Bieber was in his early days, Seavey has been a street performer for many years, which is impressive considering he's only 15. Three years ago, someone posted a YouTube video of an unnamed 12-year-old playing the piano on the street, who can now be identified as Daniel Seavey. This is proof he's an artist who really wants to be heard, and that will get him far.

His Voice Has A Lot Of Room To Grow

Many complain that Seavey's voice might not be strong enough for American Idol (whatever that means), but that only means he has plenty of room — and time — to improve on his natural ability. The positive thing about him being on this show and gaining support from artists like J. Lo and Keith Urban is that, even if he doesn't win, he will have gotten the exposure he needs to gain a fan base and continue working through the throes of puberty. Let's face it, having your voice change in front of millions of people can't be the best timing, but it can only get better from here.

He Has The Teenage Girl Vote

In the end, American Idol is a show looking for high ratings, and if anything will bring in ratings, it is a cute boy with a guitar and a unique voice. Television talent shows have churned out teenaged superstars before (One Direction, anyone?) and we should never underestimate the power of a 12-year-old girl with a huge crush on a boy — the possibilities are endless.

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