'Bones' Spoilers Hint At A Booth & Brennan Separation, Plus More Gambling Problems. Oh Joy.

Squints are you even ready for this? Bones finally returns this week after a three month hiatus, which seriously felt like forever. Lucky for us it sounds like they are going to hit the ground running with drama, mystery and even more gnarly autopsies then you can shake a microscope at. We already know that there won’t be any time jumps after their big 200th episode, and that the season will pick up with Booth and Brennan trying to hide the early stages of pregnancy. But what about their marriage? Booth’s gambling problem? A next season renewal? Thank goodness Emily Deschanel has just dropped some pretty juicy Bones spoilers on all that and more in an interview with TVline.

Since the very beginning Booth and Brennan have been the heart of the show, but it sounds like the honeymoon is officially over. There even seems to be some debate as to if they will even stay together at all! I know that just because they have a another baby on the way doesn't mean all of their problems just go away, but still these two crazy kids will work it out, right?

“They don’t know what their future is, if it’s together or apart,” star Emily Deschanel reveals. “It’s a big issue.”

Not only are they expecting child number two, this time around they have a better idea what they are getting into. It turns out when you work at the Jeffersonian you have a lot bigger problems than just diapers and daycare. Deschanel elaborated on some of the fears the new baby will bring:

“Their house was blown up last season. It’s not a safe world that they’re bringing this child into, and she’s very much aware of that this time, whereas last time she was a little naive about it. It brings up a lot of issues and all the concerns she has with her own childhood and what that was like. It’s definitely an emotional journey. Then there’s also issues with Booth where he starts gambling again. That’s a big problem, too.”

Making things worse for the couple will be Booth’s gambling problems coming back again as we delve deeper into the back half of Season 10.

“Somebody’s found dead, and they were a big poker player, so he goes undercover doing that. Both Brennan and Aubrey are nervous about him doing that, and Booth assures them that he’s going to be OK, but he’s human and he’s a recovered addict. He shouldn't have put himself in that position. But the real problem for Brennan is, she talks to him point-blank about these things, and he lies to her. That’s a big issue.”

Ok, that doesn't sound great but we do need some drama to keep things interesting, we would get bored just watching two people be happy all of the time (I guess. I am willing to try!). Doom and gloom aside, she did have some optimistic things to say about the chances of a Season 11.

“I feel like we still have stories to tell. We’re still going strong. I would like to see where we take it. I think there’s a strong possibility of a Season 11. We have not been picked up officially. There’s a lot of factors that they’re trying to figure out. But I think everyone’s interested in continuing to tell the story. I don’t know how much longer after Season 11 it would go, but it’d be nice to explore it for at least one more year.”

I’ll take my good news where I can find it. And for a bonus “name those shoes” mystery, Booth himself (David Boreanaz) tweeted out the following sneaker stumper on March 19:

The whosay link goes directly to a pair of small white sneaker. They look a little small for a Sweets return (excuse me while I go cry forever), so my money on Parker finally returning. It has been way too long since we've seen that little guy!

Images: Patrick McElhenney/FOX; giphy