We've Got Questions For 'PLL's Andrew

OK, Liars, we need to have a serious talk about someone who has suddenly reemerged in Rosewood — Andrew. His timing is convenient, no? We're teased tirelessly about the Big A reveal, and suddenly Andrew and his big muscles waltz into town. This is all maybe too perfect timing. Let's get serious, what is this deal with Andrew on Pretty Little Liars? Is there a chance he'll factor into the Big A reveal on Pretty Little Liars? Never mind the fact that he looks NOTHING like a high school senior of about 17 or 18 because it looks like he lives on a weight bench in a 24-hour gym (also, we know that he moonlights on Kimmy Schmidt — anyone else catch that, and then start to have really confusing feelings about him?). I'm highly suspicious of this guy. What is his deal, and why has he suddenly taken a huge interest in Aria? But let's back up for a second. Remember how Andrew first came into our lives? You might have forgotten, because it was a few seasons, and a few A theories, ago. He was first introduced as some smarty-pants guy who was in charge of the Decathlon that had both Spencer and Mona as members. He was the one that politely forced Spencer off of the team, after the rest of the members sided with Mona. Back then, he wore glasses and looked kind of "dorky."

Then, he became a sort of tutor to Spencer, and the two engaged in a little bit of strip studying. Really. It was weird, and probably just an excuse for Andrew to take off his shirt — and not that we're complaining about that. Then Andrew disappeared for a long stretch of time, reemerging again when Spencer needed some study drugs. He also had a crush on her, but at the time she was still seeing Toby. Andrew backed off.

Flash forward to Season 5, when Andrew and rolled into town again. First he's hitting on Spencer. Then, seeing that she's not feeling it, he moves his attention to Aria. He woos her in the strangest way possible, and honestly comes on a little bit too strong (big muscles aside, someone that overbearing would freak me out). Now he and Aria have this "thing" going, and Aria basically uses him as her muscle — literally. Andrew, can we borrow your car? Andrew can you drive somewhere for me? Andrew, Andrew Andrew. Weird, right? So seriously. What is his deal? I refuse to believe that he's Big A, because he wasn't introduced until season three, and his sightings have been sparse. He's played a big role in Season 5 so far, but it'd be a cheap cop-out of if he turns out to be the A we've been searching for all along. More than likely, he's one of A's cronies, doing his or her bidding, with (again) those huge muscles. On top of that, he's made a few vague references to knowing about A — like when he described the plot of All The President's Men as "a thriller about getting messages from a shadowy figure who knows everybody's secrets." Super creepy. Even Aria thought it was creepy.

So will he be Big A? He's got to be involved in some way. He wouldn't be back in the Liars' lives if he weren't going to be in the big reveal. Maybe all along he's been A's muscles — I mean, he's got muscles to spare, come on.

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