Did Andrew Attack Mike On 'Pretty Little Liars'? The Scout Pathfinder Is More Suspicious Than Ever

Is anyone surprised to learn that in Rosewood, even achievements can end up being used against you? First, Alison winning an archery award at summer camp became the damaging final piece of evidence that landed her a guilty verdict, and next, Pretty Little Liars revealed that Andrew is a "scout pathfinder." Out of context, it may not seem surprising or suspicious, Andrew is an overachiever, so why wouldn't he have been a scout of some kind as a kid? But when you remember that someone shot arrows at Caleb and Ezra before attacking Mike, all in the woods, during this same episode, the badge of honor becomes much more sinister — especially when you consider that Aria called Andrew specifically to ask him to go check on Mike and Ezra.

Yes, Aria sent her current sort-of boyfriend to check on her very recent ex-boyfriend after he took her brother to his remote cabin, in an attempt to keep Mike out of danger and stop him from testifying in Ali's trial, lest he feel the wrath of A. When she couldn't reach them (because they were being attacked, along with surprise guest Caleb), she asked Andrew to check on them. To recap: Andrew is an accomplished scout, meaning he has plenty of wilderness experience, and he knew exactly where Mike and Ezra were when they were attacked. And you thought him lurking outside of Mona's house in last week's episode was sketchy.

So does this prove that Andrew is A? I don't think so. First of all, the scout pathfinder thing could just be a red herring, and have nothing to do with this week's attack. But even if it was Andrew, that doesn't mean he's Big A. He could be Varjack, or someone on the A team, but he just hasn't been important enough to PLL to warrant being A. Before Season 5B, when was the last time you even thought about Andrew? PLL may have done a lot to throw us off the A trail, but I don't think they'd go so far as to make A's character essentially irrelevant for seasons at a time.

To me, Andrew just seems like another Noel Kahn. A good looking guy who enters the picture as a fellow student and eventual love interest, only to grow more and more suspicious. Noel's big secret was that he was in contact with Ali after she disappeared, helping her hide when she began visiting Rosewood again. Andrew will probably have a similar reveal, but for the opposite side. He's likely A's outdoorsman, using those scouting skills to do some of their dirty work, but never truly knowing what he's a part of.

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC