How To Survive 'Glee's Three-Week Hiatus

If you're a Glee fan, you're probably still in mourning after Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson's tribute episode last Thursday (we know we are). You might also be in shock (or like us, relieved) at Ryan Murphy's announcement Wednesday that Glee 's sixth season will be its last. Either way, Thursday night was the first night of Glee's month-long hiatus (the show is set to return on Nov. 7), and you're probably nursing a hell of a broken heart, not that we blame you.

You might find yourself struggling with the question of what to fill your 9-10 p.m. primetime television spot with for the next three weeks, so we're doing our best to make the brief separation as easy as possible. We know you're hurting, and we care. Luckily, there are plenty of decent options available that will occupy you and maybe even mend your shattered soul. (It's possible to mend, I promise.) Here are our suggestions for what to do with your Glee time until its return:

Soon you'll stop freaking out about what's happening and reach a level of acceptance about the state of Glee and its impending future. (You will, even if it doesn't seem like it now.)

1) You could catch up on your sleep.

I know this kind of a lame idea, and if you never watch Glee at its normal time because you always stay out late for happy hour, this probably doesn't apply to you. But catching some extra Z's is never a bad thing. Just think about it, because you'll finally be able to wake up refreshed and take that 7 a.m. yoga class on Friday mornings.

2) Catch up or start a new TV show.

Having another 9 p.m. show could get confusing, but that's what DVRs are for, people. The CW Network's new series about Mary Queen of Scots, Reign , premiered Thursday, for one. There's also CBS's The Crazy Ones, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams to give you a little giggle and Grey's Anatomy to make you sob/give you anxiety in the wake of the trauma that Glee's put us through. But if you really can't stand be away from FOX's musical hit, they'll be airing reruns until the new episode premieres.

3) Take up a musical instrument.

You'll probably piss off your neighbors if you start playing the cymbals at 9 p.m. every Thursday night, so you'll probably want to choose something a little more quiet. The acoustic guitar or the maracas are both pretty easy to learn if you have access to the Internet and a good friend to borrow them from. (Remember, you only have to fill three weeks' worth of Thursday nights.)

4) Go out on a date.

You could go with friends, since you've probably been ignoring them since fall TV started, or with that friend of a friend that everyone's been trying to set you up with for months. You might also have been neglecting your significant other, so they might like to go out and have a meal with you too? Just a thought. You have the free time, so why not?

5) Take up baking.

Now that the fall is here, it's prime baking time and there's plenty of pumpkin and apple-themed recipes to choose from that even the baking-impaired can figure out. Your friends and significant other will love you for doing this, even if you put on a few pounds in the process.

6) Invite your friends over and choreograph a Glee number.

Remember when you used to do this in middle school and high school? Well, what better time to watch your favorite Glee performance over and over and choreograph it with your friends (wine is optional but encouraged)?

If you're not interested in coping, that's fine too. You can always just give up and resort to this:

Images: FOX, Glee Wiki (gifs), Tumblr (gifs)