Chris Soules Deserves To Stay On 'DWTS'

Things aren't looking so great for Chris Soules and Witney. (His Dancing With the Stars partner that is, not his fiancee. OK, that's the last time I make the Witney/Whitney joke, I promise.) The Bachelor's second dance didn't go as well as his first, but not for lack of wanting it. Unfortunately Chris Soules is feeling the DWTS time crunch and he had a tough time picking up the complicated cha cha choreography in the required four days.

"It's really hard for Chris to pick up choreography quick," his partner Witney admitted, and it showed on the dance floor. Their cha cha scored low at just 21 out of 40. The judges tried to keep things positive, acknowledging how hard it is to learn a new dance in four days. But it was clear that while Chris surprised fans with his strong start last week, at the heart of all this he's just not a dancer. He doesn't have the natural rhythm or skill necessary to perform at a high level. "I'm disappointed in myself," Chris said after the number. "But I'll get better."

Although his time on the show could be in jeopardy if he continues to score low, let's not forget that Michael Waltrip made it way longer in last season's competition than anyone thought because he had a dedicated fan base. So, maybe Chris can get Bachelor Nation to keep him around long enough for him to really start learning and improving.

As Julianne Hough said, he's very entertaining to watch, and it is clear that he really wants it. So there's really nowhere for him to go but up.

Image: Adam Taylor, Aaron Pool/ABC