Happy Easter! 8 Reasons Why This Is One Of The Most Fun Holidays To Celebrate Of The Year

Underrated holidays are the best holidays — and Easter might be one of the most underrated holidays of them all. (Speaking of which, Happy Easter, y'all!) Christmas is great and everything, but it's also a consumer monstrosity that begins before winter has even started yet. Eventually, we'll start celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, which is completely and utterly bananas. Easter, on the other hand, has been a one-day celebration of pastel egg-hunting fun for decades, and it still has yet to receive the proper cred it deserves. Sure, it has religious origins and that might make it seem restrictive in terms of who can celebrate it, but it's also a sign that spring has arrived, and of new beginnings.

Much like Christmas, it's a holiday that becomes less about our own fun the older we get. This is a day for the kids. Once you stop believing in the Easter bunny, it certainly loses some of its excitement, but it shouldn't be reduced to "just another day," either. There are plenty of adult ways to celebrate that land on that perfect middle ground between digging through a pile of plastic grass looking for eggs, and cleaning up a pile of plastic grass once every egg has been found. Here are all the reasons Easter is actually one of the best days of the year.

1. Because the Easter bunny is awesome

He or she is a forgiving gift-giver. There's no coal if you've been "bad." The Easter bunny allows you to be your human self and make mistakes, and you still get a basket of candy and trinkets on Easter morning.

2. Because there's ham

If Liz Lemon eats it when she's feeling like a star, you should definitely eat it on Easter.

3. Because you get to hunt for eggs

You have to work to receive a reward, which is a great message to send to kids. Also, it's just fun to search for pastel eggs in the grass.

4. Because you wake up to a basket of goodies

And none of it is wrapped. It's the easiest gift you will receive.

5. Because of ALL THE CANDY

Chocolate-covered eggs filled with peanut buttery gooey-ness, pastel sour worms, and marshmallow chicks that seem to last forever — it's all gold. Eat it for breakfast and all day long, until the ham is ready. Duh.

6. Because gifts are optional

It's an optional exchange. The rules are loose and open for whatever you choose to do. There's not as much pressure to get the perfect gift with the hidden meaning that could define your relationship. It's just like, here's a chocolate hollow bunny because... why not?

7. Because pastels are fun to wear

Since it's often used as the color scheme for clowns, ice cream shop employees, and cartoon characters, pastel attire just looks awesomely comical on everyone. It's a less flattering color palette, but everyone gets into it, so it's more of a party theme that will look good in pictures — like togas, or barbarians and librarians (which is the single best party theme in history).

8. Because it means winter is over

Easter is typically the first holiday of spring that marks the official end to winter. And this winter has been beyond awful, so feel free to sing, "Ding dong the witch is dead" about the ridiculously horrendous cold season we all somehow lived through.

Happy Easter!

Image: JD Hancock/Flickr; Giphy (8)