7 Times J. Law Joked At The Wrong Moment

by Caitlyn Callegari

Gosh, it's been awhile since we've gotten any good, gif-able Jennifer Lawrence quotes or incidents, hasn't it? I guess that's due to her being an incredibly cool, low-key, normal human, and not caring an ounce that she has A-list celebrity status. But, now that she has a movie to promote, she's crawled out from the shadows (or, her house) and is being forcibly and hilariously interviewed once again. This brings us to the main event. In her new movie, Serena, Jennifer Lawrence stars opposite her good friend Bradley Cooper, and things got sorta awkward. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, J. Law blessed us with a nugget of insight into the filming process, explaining that she laughed at Cooper during their sex scenes together.

Obviously, it wasn't a mean-spirited type of laugh. I mean, I’m sure that’s a scene most anyone would like to film with Cooper. But, Lawrence and Cooper are friends, and despite how good looking they both are, it’s uncomfortable to get that... intimate with your pal. And, as you know, the Mockingjay actress tends to deal with awkward situations with humor. Isn't that the best way?

To elaborate on this point, I've collected some proof. Check out these seven different times that J. Law laughed in a most inappropriate situation.

When she fooled around while being strangled on the set of Mockingjay

Oh, the hilarity! I guess...?

When she made a First Wives Club joke while accepting her Golden Globe at Meryl Streep's expense

When she giddily recalled a particularly humiliating butt plug story and terrorized Conan O'Brien in the process

When she pushed and nearly knocked over Josh Hutcherson while filming Catching Fire

You should probably just watch the whole thing for all of the little nuances of her silliness amid what's supposed to be a tragic landscape.

When she spilled candy all over herself during a press conference... and then offered some to her co-stars

When she made a joke about spreading her illness to Hollywood's elite, except she wasn't kidding at all...

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