Do 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Brandi & Lisa Vanderpump Only Ever Feud? This Timeline Is A Pretty Nasty One

Ay, ay, ay, it has been a tumultuous road for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills women. Some of them have had issues just this season, and then others have had issues from Day 1. Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump definitely fit into the latter of those types of conflicts. Lisa V. and Brandi have had issues for a long time. Unfortunately, it seems like they're conflict is nowhere near a resolution, which is sad because there was one point on the show — briefly — that these two were so familial. So what happened to Brandi and Lisa V., and will this conflict ever end?

It started Season 3, which is when Brandi joined the cast. At first, Brandi and Lisa were a team. Lisa took Brandi under her wing, and it was clear that Brandi found comfort nestled into Lisa's pink blouse and perfect hair (as does Giggy). This is one of the reasons their conflicts that came in later seasons was so sad, because they genuinely seemed to rely on each other as close friends, and that's never fun to see extinguished. Here's a timeline of the conflict that Brandi and Lisa had over the course of the Real Housewives franchise.

The Scheana Conflict

UGGGHHHHHH. The Scheana Conflict was so annoying on this show because it felt more like a promo for Vanderpump Rules than anything else. Basically, Lisa wanted Brandi to make up with Scheana, and Brandi was like "HELLS TO THE NO." But, because Brandi clearly valued Lisa's advice, she did sit down with Scheana (like three times over the course of the third and fourth season). I have no idea how these two women could find enough to say to each other for three sit downs, but they managed to never find clarity, because DUH.

At one point in the Brandi/Lisa conflict, Brandi sited her issues with Lisa's relationship with Scheana as the thing that made her feel betrayed. I think she even asked Lisa who she would save in a burning building (and even worse, Lisa didn't answer... THE BURN).

The Take Down Kyle Richards Conflict

One issue with RHOBH (or any Real Housewives city) is the "he said, she said" conflicts. When someone accuses someone of saying something (but the cameras didn't capture it), it's almost impossible to follow what is to come. That's what happened before the Puerto Rico trip in Season 4. Supposedly, Brandi said Lisa wanted to take Kyle Richards down (with the help of some tabloid magazines). Again, almost impossible to decide who is right and wrong.

These accusations eventually led to Lisa and Ken leaving the trip early to return home. It got even uglier at the reunion in Season 4 when Ken said he'd never have anything to do with Brandi again. BUT KEN, SHE LOVES YOU! DON'T DO THIS.

The Resolution?

Yeah, there is no resolution. Early in the current season, Brandi and Lisa sat down in hopes of smoothing things over, but it really didn't do anything. It's like cleaning your bedroom by throwing everything into the closet and closing the door. It looks good from the outside, but one nudge and all the dirty laundry comes pouring out.

The Slap

The entire relationship was strained during Season 5, and the culmination in their relationship was the slap that occurred in Amsterdam. Lisa, who was on the "I don't invest in Brandi" mind set before the slap happened, clearly has had enough of Brandi's drama and accusations towards the women on the show. In a moment of playfulness — a moment that looked like these two could have an OK relationship — Brandi jokes to Lisa that they should kiss, and before we know it, Brandi slaps Lisa. Now, it wasn't a gigantic slap across the face worthy of leaving a palm print — it was obvious that Brandi didn't mean to actually slap her with intent to hurt her — BUT, it's still not cool. And Brandi knows it. Definitely doesn't leave these two on a good note for Season 5.

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