Brandy's Broadway Debut In 'Chicago' Sounds So Amazing, It Should Have Happened Sooner

Never have I ever tried so hard to contain a full-fledged celebrity-related spazz-attack than at this very moment. But since learning that R&B singer Brandy will make her Broadway debut in Chicago , I am willing to allow my undying fandom for the Grammy Award-winning songstress to freely spew forth from its uncorked container. Per The Hollywood Reporter, upon the completion of runs by current cast membbers Jennifer Nettles and Paige Davis, Brandy will take over the lead role of Roxie Hart for an eight-week Broadway stint that begins April 28 at NYC's Ambassador Theatre and continues through June 21.

On Tuesday, the 36-year-old singer announced the news in a tweet that read, "I'm so excited to announce that I'm joining the Broadway cast of @CHICAGOMusical as Roxie Hart."

Ever since Brandy rocked her signature braids and paired oversized tops with wide-legged jeans and newsboy caps back in the early '90s, I've absolutely loved her music and believed that she is arguably one of the best, most unique vocalists, period. (Just take a listen to her stunning cover of Coldplay's "Magic" to see what I mean.) Taking on the lead role in Broadway's longest-running American musical will undoubtedly be one of several highlights in the 36-year-old's illustrious career, but I have to admit that it is downright insane that it took this long for her to receive this opportunity.

Not to start a comparison war, but I'm having trouble accepting the fact that a reality star hit the Broadway stage before a singer and actress who previously made TV history in Disney's TV version of Cinderella as its first African-American princess — not to mention her numerous musical accolades. On the bright side, though, Brandy's career trajectory is definitely a prime example of persistence paying off. Despite dealing with challenges to remain afloat in a music scene that drastically differs from the days of her early '90s music debut, along with a couple of albums that didn't bring her very much commercial success, I'd say that a Broadway debut is a most excellent way to show that she's still on a very impressive path, even if it feels like a road she deserved to travel years ago.