15 Mini Skirts To Try Post Polar Vortex

The miniskirt is a personal favorite piece of mine — and it has been ever since I found my favorite pastel pink mini from Hollister in eighth grade. The kids even used to call me "mini" mouse because I had had so many. (Okay, there's a chance that didn't happen.) But unfortunately somewhere around my junior year in high school (2011), miniskirts became a thing of the past, along with The O.C. and my fave 50 Cent. But ultimately, the miniskirt evolution started sometime in the 60s and has been a style that has been on and off ever since.

Now that I've noticed celebs wearing miniskirts out and about, I am nothing short of devastated that I gave my mother permission to give my mini collection to my 10-year-old cousin. If her house is burglarized in the near future, will you guys be my alibi? Cool. So now that my closet is barren of miniskirts, I've been scouring the web for some inspo for the warmer months ahead. I know my legs — which are practically translucent at the moment — can't wait to feel the sunshine on them again. And what better way get some sun than in a mini?

Whether you're athletic, fuller-figured, or something in between, I'm a thousand percent positive there is a mini skirt for every body type. Here I have gathered a myriad of different shapes, designs, and patterns, so I'm sure one of them will tickle your fancy. I'm personally in love with them all. So, if you see me out and about this spring and summer you will surely see me in mini. And if you do so, please shout out to your homegirl Mini Mouse.

1. The White Mini

Gold Button Wrap Skirt, $50, Zara

Look at this fresh and clean mini with gold buttons and a simple, single pocket. You know I would be putting my keys in that pocket, and then obviously forgetting I stashed them there.

2. The Jacquard Mini

Jacquard Mini Skirt, $20, Zara

I adore this patten. Looking at it brings a certain Ciara lyrics to my mind. "Automatic supersonic hypnotic funky fresh." Yup, that is how I would describe this skirt.

3. The Frayed Dark Denim Mini

Raw Denim Fit and Flare Mini Skirt, $78, Free People

If I was one of the people going to Coachella, you would see me rocking this skirt, no doubt.

4. The Black Mini

ASOS Curve Mini Skirt In Jersey, $22, ASOS

I actually want to buy this whole outfit. Can I do that? This is a great and classic miniskirt option that I think looks super fresh.

5. The Button Down Mini

Bowery Button Down Mini, $118, Free People

YASSS QUEEN! The button down. I am such a die-hard fan of it. And what is that? Another convenient little pocket? You bet it is. Isn't the color gorgeous as well?

6. The Mod Mini

Silence + Noise Inverted Pleated Mini Skirt, $59, Urban Outfitters

This is such a super cool, mod, A-line mini. I would love to wear it on a date with a simple top and sandals. First step: date. Second step: dope skirt.

7. The Asymmetrical Mini

ASOS Curve Mini Skirt With A Wrap, $24, ASOS

Another great skirt from ASOS' Curve line. This skirt is bringing it. The asymmetrical cutout is completely rad. I'd wear this one to my cousin's b-day bash.

8. The Metallic Mini

ASOS Curve Mini Skirt in PU, $13, ASOS

This skirt is my obsession. The burnt orange color is amazing and the metallic tone makes it even better. This is a concert-in-the-park kinda mini.

9. The Patchwork Denim Mini

Patchwork Miniskirt, $60, Zara

This skirt is a little different from something I would normally wear but it feels very '70s to me and I'm really digging it. I even like this all-jean look the model is sporting. It feels like an SAT tutoring, secretly-trying-to-impress-your-tutor, kinda skirt.

10. The Embroidered Mini

Topshop Troubadour Embroidered Miniskirt, $70, Nordstrom

I want this skirt possibly more than I've ever wanted anything in my life. It's just so damn lovely.

11. The A-Line Mini

Topshop Jacquard Miniskirt, $70, Nordstrom

It is actually difficult for me to look directly at this pattern for too long, but I like a challenge. And I like this skirt a whole lot.

12. The Distressed Denim Mini

Distressed Denim Mini Skirt, $23, Forever 21

I had about three of these minis my freshman year in high school. Yes, they were all from Abercrombie.

13. The Suede Mini

Suede Skirt in Burgundy, $129, H&M

This babe is on the expensive side but it is exceptionally fly. I might have to take the leap on this one.

14. The Leather Mini

Susana Monaco Madeleine, $164, Revolve

The leather mini is a staple. It is an absolute must in your summer wardrobe. Or at least it is in mine. I'd wear this to a friend's birthday while secretly trying to upstage her.

15. The Sequined Mini

Sequined Chevron-Patterned Skirt, $23, Forever 21

I'm not usually one for sequins but with this pattern it totally works. This skirt is funky and I would wear it to speed dating in a heartbeat.

Images: Getty; Courtesy Brands