'American Horror Story: Hotel' Adds Chloe Sevigny, But Who Should She Play?

We're getting more details about American Horror Story: Hotel by the day, and after hearing this news I'm more mad than ever about having to wait until October to actually tune in to the show. As announced via tweet by horror anthology's creator Ryan Murphy, Chloe Sevigny will star on American Horror Story: Hotel. The actress, who had a six-episode arc as the unjustly treated "nymphomaniac" Shelley in American Horror Story: Asylum , will be a series regular on Season 5 of the show, which also boasts Wes Bentley and Lady Gaga as cast members. As awesome as Sevigny's return to the series is, I just hope that things work out better for her new character than they did for poor, zombified Shelley!

So far, of course, we have no idea if that's the case — mainly because we barely know anything at all about the new season, save for who's heading to the cast. While we don't know the plot, however, we can infer that the series will be about some sort of haunted hotel with a dark past. (After all, if you swap the "hotel" part with the proper noun you have the plot of all of the other American Horror Story seasons.) We can also assume that it'll borrow significantly from hotel-heavy horror flicks like Psycho and The Shining.

So which character type could Sevigny be cast as? Here are some theories...

The Terrified Hotel Guest

Sevigny played the thing that terrified us in American Horror Story: Asylum, even though it wasn't her fault that Dr. Arden cut off her limbs and turned her into a horrific zombie lady. I wouldn't be surprised if Murphy cast her in an entirely different role — maybe one where she's a suspicious hotel house guest who finally realizes that there's a terrible evil lurking in the halls.

The Dead Hotel Guest

I'm sure that there will be plenty of ghosts who haven't checked out of the titular hotel. Sevigny could be one of the guests who refused to leave long after her body was hauled out of the suite.

The Crazy Hotel Guest

It wouldn't be American Horror Story without a fair share of murders, which means that murderers are totally on the menu. Perhaps Sevigny's character killed a few guests under the radar and still lives in the hotel to prey on unsuspecting visitors... or perhaps the hotel will make her go crazy, Jack Torrance-style.

The Sinister Staffer

The hotel will have plenty of guests (and ghosts) but the thing that will bring it to capacity are the members of the staff. Sevigny could play the hotel manager who knows all of the secrets hidden within the rooms, or even the owner who has a cruel purpose for keeping the hotel running. Perhaps to appease her murder-happy ghost guests? Anything is possible on American Horror Story.

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