'Pretty Little Liars' Mona Is Alive In The Season 5 Finale, As If We Ever Believed She Were Dead Anyway

Did anyone expect Mona to be overshadowed by the Big A Reveal? If you've been watching Pretty Little Liars for the past five seasons, you already know that Mona Vanderwaal would never stand for that. On Tuesday night's "Welcome to the Dollhouse," Pretty Little Liars revealed that Mona is alive. Sure, it wasn't quite the Madison Montgomery-like as we would've expected from the former A-game leader, but either way — MONA IS ALIVE. But, unfortunately, she's far from well.

After Mike revealed that Mona planned to fake her own death a few episodes ago, PLL fans were forced to question whether or not she succeeded. And, honestly, it really seemed like she didn't, considering Mike was squirreling away and sobbing over vials of her blood in a tree and really emotionally about the fact that she probably failed. Yes, even as someone who's seen the past five seasons of PLL, I was almost convinced that A had actually taken Mona out of the game for good — I mean, there was that "body" in the trunk of A's car, after all. It was Mona's return, however, that might be more disturbing.

After the Liars were kidnapped from jail and taken to A's life-sized dollhouse and gave me a minor bought of claustrophobia — they got the double shock of finding Mona alive. Well, they kind of found Mona. When A finally released them from their respective, replicated bedrooms, the Liars were led to a replica of Ali's living room where they found Mona — wearing an Alison mask, a blonde wig, and the exact outfit that Ali was "murdered" in. No, this isn't a drill and yes, A is clearly as creepy as we always thought and believed them to be.

And, apparently, she's not Mona anymore — not only is the artist formerly known as A dressed like Ali, she is Ali. So, what does this mean? Well, Mona's learned to play A's dollhouse game — even though she gave us an extremely creepy scare when she was pretending to be Ali so well — and she believes that she's winning.

But is she really?

Image: ABC Family (screengrab); prettylittleliars/tumblr; Giphy