Lisa Vanderpump Confronts Brandi Glanville On 'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Season Finale & It Doesn't Look Good For Their Friendship

Here we are, cats and kittens. The Season 5 finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is finally here, and boy, did it start out boring. Nearly half the episode had passed without so much as a wine glass being thrown. Luckily, things finally got interesting at Adrienne Maloof's party for who-knows-what as Lisa Vanderpump confronted Brandi Glanville.

If you thought the fact that the season was coming to an end would mean that Lisa V. and Brandi would finally bury the hatchet and move past all of the drama that has strained their relationship during this season and last, you really know nothing about RHOBH. Before she arrived at Adrienne's party, Lisa V. was nervous about being in the same room with Brandi after the disastrous Amsterdam slap heard 'round the world. Clearly, she was right.

Lisa V. asked Brandi about her father, who was in the hospital after undergoing open heart surgery, but instead of Brandi responding with something somber yet cordial, she was a hot mess. Brandi was looking a little sloppy as she was super emotional, tears in her eyes and slurring her words. As with most of the drama-filled moments Brandi was involved in this season, the Housewife seemed like she had one too many at the party already.

Brandi was completely devastated that Lisa V. didn't check in with her about the welfare of her father. Remember, the two had been scary-close before their big fallout in Season 4. Brandi was genuinely hurt that Lisa V. wouldn't just pick up the phone and give her a call to make sure she and her father were doing OK.

Now would it have killed Lisa V. to have a quick chat with Brandi about her father's condition just to be polite? No, probably not. But Lisa V. isn't really wrong in this situation. Brandi flat out slapped her while they were in Amsterdam, and even though she claimed it was a joke, initiating violence like that to a friend is pretty unforgivable. Brandi needs to give Lisa V. more than a hot second to think about what Brandi did and evaluate their friendship before she can be all buddy-buddy with her again. Brandi also needs to take a moment to realize that what she did was totally not cool.

But as usual, Brandi just played the victim in the situation and made everything about her, barely considering how Lisa V. must have felt in this situation. Though Brandi continues to say she is remorseful about what she has done to Lisa V., her actions moving forward never match that. It seems like she'll apologize to Lisa V. one minute, and then the next, she finds a new way to offend her.

Will Lisa V. and Brandi ever be able to completely repair their friendship? It unfortunately doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon.

Images: Nicole Weingart/Bravo; Giphy; realitytvgifs/Tumblr