Cisco Revealed Barry Allen's Identity to Captain Cold On 'The Flash,' And This Doesn't Bode Well For The Hero's Family

After the timeline was drastically altered in last week's episode, it was anybody's guess what was going to happen in Tuesday's episode "Rogue Time," but now that Cisco told Captain Cold Barry Allen's identity on The Flash it doesn't seem like it could have ended up any worse. Of course, we all know that Cisco didn't have much of a choice. After Captain Cold, Heat Wave, and Lisa Snart kidnapped his brother Dante, his only option to spare his brother's life was to reveal Barry's identity. It seems like no matter what timeline we end up in, the universe has it in for poor Cisco, who was so wracked with guilt that he told Harrison Wells he wanted to quit S.T.A.R. labs on the spot.

Thankfully after the pep talk from Wells that was eerily parallel to the speech he gave before he killed Cisco in the last episode, it looks like Cisco is going to stay. But what exactly is going to happen now that Captain Cold and the beginning of the Rogues team are all well aware that Barry Allen is the man behind the bright red spandex? This certainly doesn't bode well for anybody he holds dear in his life, particularly Iris and Joe West. As heartbreaking as it was that Iris rejected Barry's advances after seeking them out in the in the other timeline, it was probably for the best, seeing how at risk they would both be now that they can be used as leverage to manipulate Barry. Not to mention the fact that she worked incredibly closely with Mason Bridges, the reporter who just became the latest victim of Reverse-Flash.

The only good news is that Barry did manage to strike a preliminary deal to keep Captain Cold and his team at bay, but from where I was standing that deal seemed shaky at best. I'm certain this is far from the last of the Rogues that we'll be seeing, especially because we've been introduced to way too many of their members for this to not lead up to a big dramatic showdown. Let's just hope that Barry's ready for whatever's coming.

Image: Dean Buscher/The CW