Kim Richards & Lisa Rinna Have One Final Showdown On 'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' & It Will Make You Even More Excited For The Reunion

You didn't think that when Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna vowed to never discuss Kim's sobriety again a few episodes back on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that they would actually keep mum on the subject, did you? If so, you have much to learn about RHOBH, my friend. Tuesday night's Season 5 finale of the show should have provided you a good lesson, showing that a case is never really closed on RHOBH, and that's the way I like it.

Remember when Kim and Kyle had a heart-to-heart/throwdown in Palm Springs during last Tuesday night's episode? That was when Kyle revealed to Kim that Brandi had been questioning her sobriety behind her back with Lisa R., a.k.a. Kim's mortal enemy in this world. Kim decided Adrienne Maloof's party would be the perfect time to get to the bottom of this because obviously Adrienne's snooze fest of a magic trick did not provide enough entertainment for anyone at the venue or watching at home.

For some reason though, Kim asked Lisa R. if she really talked about planning an intervention for Kim with Brandi. Kim, you already have issues with Lisa R. It's not a surprise that she would be talking about staging an intervention for you. Brandi is the one that potentially betrayed you. You should have gone to the source of the gossip first! This makes me think Kim didn't really want to know the truth, choosing instead to have another confrontation with Lisa R., someone she already hates, because that way she doesn't have to have her heart broken by Brandi.

As expected, this encounter resolved nothing. Lisa R., who was confused as to why Kim brought up her discussion with Brandi in the first place, said Kyle took her comments about the intervention out of context, which offended Kyle. But good old Eileen was there to back Kyle up, even if Kim tuned her out at this point, as usual.

After what seemed like long enough for Adrienne to perform another cringeworthy magic trick, Kim finally confronted Brandi about this whole ordeal. Predictably, Brandi shrugged off the accusations, claiming that all she said was that Kim needed better support to continue her sobriety.

What Brandi said behind Kim's back wasn't actually as terrible as all of the other Housewives are making it out to be. However, her concern isn't too far off from Lisa R.'s, which has inspired some crazy vitriol from Kim. Brandi did comment on Kim's sobriety in ways that she probably wouldn't like very much, and she just needs to own that.

The end of the episode let us know that Brandi and Kim are still besties. However, all of that could soon change. We've still got the Season 5 reunion to look forward to, after all.

Images: Nicole Weingart/Bravo; andiwaslikewut, realitytvgifs/Tumblr