Gamble Breaux Is Out Of Place On ‘Real Housewives Of Melbourne’, So She Should Try These Other Cities Out For Size

I think that Gamble Breaux is a welcome addition to Season 2 of Real Housewives of Melbourne, don’t you? She adds just the right bit of “blonde” and “a little nuts” to the show, along with one more dose of “rich doctor lover.” (Is it me, or are basically all the women in the Real Housewives universe married to or divorced from plastic surgeons/other doctors? Are there no other professions?) Anyway, back to Gamble. Within the first episode, the other housewives were already gossiping about her, but, you know what they say: haters are gonna hate. Maybe it's just that Gamble doesn't get along with the other Housewives in her cast.

This got me thinking that the Real Housewives of Melbourne women are super quick to judge their fellow housewives, perhaps more so than the women of the other franchises. Would Gamble fit in better if she were hanging out with NeNe Leakes? Get into more semi-scripted tussles with Vicki Gunvalson? Gain Jill Zarin’s ire because Gamble had more screen time? With so many women (and so, so many seasons of shows to choose from), let’s take a look at a few Real Housewives cities to see which Gamble would fit right into (and which lovely ladies would both love and hate her).

Real Housewives Of New York

As a former art consultant, Gamble would do well to come to the only Real Housewives city that is considered an art Mecca: New York City. She could get maintenance Botox and mini eyelifts with Ramona Singer, and Kelly Bensimon could model (and shoot the photos for — remember her stint as a photog?) Gamble’s IGAMBOL purse line. Unfortunately, nearly all of the current housewives are single (Ramona, LuAnn, and Bethenny, to name a few), and Gamble is happily engaged, so she couldn’t really relate to their struggles in singledom (or go out for a heavy-duty, LuAnn-led girls’ night).

Real Housewives Of The O.C.

Gamble’s beaux, Dr. Rick Wolfe, is one of Australia’s foremost eye surgeons, but, if he ever wanted to switch his specialty to plastic surgery, Orange County is the place to go. Gamble’s lithe body and platinum blonde locks are sure to fit in quite well in Southern California, but I have a feeling that O.C. matriarch Vicki Gunvalson wouldn’t take too kindly to Gamble’s overwhelming personality at first (since Vicki herself is so overwhelming). Eventually, though, Gamble’s entrepreneurship would bring Vicki to see Gamble’s side.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Why do I feel like the nastiest comments come out of the mouths of the New Jersey and New York City women? Must be a tri-state area thing. Ever since Teresa Giudice flipped over a table (and that was only the first season), we all knew that the Real Housewives of New Jersey women could throw down. I think that Gamble would be able to, too. She’s fought all of the stupid rumors about her being a stripper with aplomb and a little bit of a razor’s edge. You go, girl. Don’t let people talk badly about you. Just don’t sign any financial paperwork the Giudices give you. Trust me on that one.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Am I the only one thinking that Gamble’s IGAMBOL bag line would be a perfect sartorial match to the She by Sheree fashion line? That could be a clothing combination made on the pages of Vogue, people.

Do you think Gamble is best suited for the Real Housewives Of Melbourne? We’d surely adopt you in the States, Gamble. We’re here if you ever need us!

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