'Pretty Little Liars' Caleb Rivers' Quote Or Jim Halpert From 'The Office' Quote? The 2 Characters Are Interchangeably Romantic

There are only a few television relationships that are just perfect. Where the guy is always there for the girl, they bring out the best in each other, and they're so in love. One of those couples is Haleb from Pretty Little Liars. Another great example is Jim and Pam from The Office. But that got me thinking, can people tell the difference between a Caleb Rivers quote and a Jim Halpert quote? The two characters come from very different television universes, but they're pretty alike.

For example, they're both romantic, they'd do anything for their girl, and they're not afraid to say how they feel. Pam and Hanna are very lucky ladies. And even though The Office is about a paper company and Pretty Little Liars is about murder and secrecy, love is universal in both shows. They both feature hope and heartbreak, and they both have leading men who know how to make viewers swoon with their undying perfectness.

So now it's up to you to take the test: romantic Caleb quote from Pretty Little Liars, or romantic Jim quote from The Office? It's trickier than you'd think.

Quote 1

"I feel like I only exist in half of your life, and that's not good enough for me."

Caleb just wanted Hanna to let him in.

Quote 2

"Most of my life, I have felt alone, even when I was with people... that was until I met you."

This one is Caleb melting my cold, cold heart.

Quote 3

"Not enough for me? You are everything."

Here we have an adorable Jim reassuring his wife that she has value. Sigh.

Quote 4

"I am not going anywhere."

Oh you know, this is just Caleb being the most perfect boyfriend ever.

Quote 5

"I just had little moments with a girl who saw me as a friend."

This is part of Jim's wedding speech!

Quote 6

"Do you shower at night? Or do you shower in the morning? 'Cause I wanna shower when you're showering... save some water."

Jim actually says this to Dwight. If you thought it was Caleb because of that very important shower scene with Hanna, though, don't feel bad. I was intentionally trying to trip you up. My bad!

Quote 7

"Wanna share a towel too?"

OK, now this is Caleb talking about the shower scene.

Quote 8

"I like complicated."

This one is Caleb, too.

Quote 9

"You look just as I imagined you."

Jim says this to Pam at their wedding after she rips her veil because he wants her to know it doesn't matter what she's wearing, he loves her anyway.

Quote 10

"I love you."

Both of them because they're both sweethearts who are totally in love with their ladies. It gives me all the feels.

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