Had Katy Perry & John Mayer Actually Run Into Taylor Swift at Disneyland, It Would've Gone Down Just Like This

Ermergawd, you guys. The happiest place on Earth was almost the unhappiest place on Earth. According to Naughty but Nice Rob, Taylor Swift almost ran into John Mayer and Katy Perry at Disneyland. The three of them were reportedly all there at the same time, but by the grace of Mickey Mouse, they didn't actually run into each other. An eyewitness told the gossip site that Mayer and Perry were holding hands; Taylor was allegedly "having the best time" with a group of friends. It must have felt like it was the perfect night for them to dress up like hipsters and make fun of their exes, ah huh. Ah huh.

Everyone knows that Swift and Mayer dated for a few months and broke up because, well, no one's really sure why they broke up, but from the lyrics in Swift's "Dear John," it sounds like they called it quits because he was a mercurial asshole who took advantage of Swift's youth. Mayer was none too pleased with her song, and told Rolling Stone that the song made him "feel terrible" and "humiliated."

Point is, there's still some bad blood between Swift, 23, and Mayer, 36 and even though the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer probably doesn't care at all that her ex has moved on to pop rival Katy Perry, still, a run in at Disney would've been very uncomfortable.

Here's how it would've gone down.

When Taylor's friend would've told her that she heard that like, John and Katy were totally in line for Space Mountain, Taylor would be all like:

And when Taylor learned that they were holding hands, she'd be all like:

Meanwhile, when Katy heard that Tay Tay was in line at the next ride over, she'd be like:

Then, when she heard that Taylor was laughing super loud so that everyone could hear her, Katy'd be like:

But when John was told that Taylor was nearby, he'd be all like:

And when he found out that Taylor had her guitar with her, he'd be like:

Upon discovering that Taylor was hanging out with Modern Family's Sarah Hyland and like, 10 other girls at the park, he'd be like:

But then, after calming down and realizing that none of this was a big deal, Tay'd be all like, Yeah, whatever:

And Katy'd be like:

And John would be like, Whoa, that was close:

And we'd be all, Aww, guys, 'member the good old days? Fun times.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images