Zayn Malik's Best Moments In One Direction, Because Those High Notes Are Unforgettable — VIDEOS

Unfortunately, the spring season has ushered in what will likely be recalled as one of the year's most depressing moments in pop music. To the chagrin of Directioners everywhere, Zayn Malik has officially left One Direction to live the life of a "normal" 22-year-old. For Malik, I presume he intends to move on to a place where former boy band members roam freely in a world of non-choreographed dance moves and where coordinated outfits and airtight harmonies collect dust on a shelf alongside the need for immaculately coiffed hair and a face that was molded by the hands of Aphrodite herself.

SIGH. It is a sad day, indeed.

Even though Malik may have dropped hints about leaving 1D all along, it still doesn’t make this news any easier to process for fans who are heartbroken at the thought of seeing Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan as a newly-established foursome, but as they say, the show must go on, right?

Since properly mourning a loss is of the utmost importance, here’s my attempt at soothing the open wounds of Directioners by inviting them to focus on the good times they had with Malik.

Here are a few of Zayn Malik’s best moments with One Direction:

Basically, Every Time He Sang

Those high notes will be missed.

Performing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" with Jimmy Fallon

Ah, the happier 1D days. But whose decided to seat Malik in the back?

This 1D Interview on Loose Women

Once again, Malik's hair completely steals the spotlight.

The Time Flying Totally Confused Him

The Jonathan Ross Show on YouTube

It's OK, Zayn. You're forgiven because...gorgeous.

When He Demonstrated His Drawing Skills

1DFunStuff on YouTube

Maybe life as a full-time artist will be less stressful for Malik.

The Time He Danced To a Sexy Usher Song

Magda Szablinska on YouTube

Not bad for a shy guy.

The "Night Changes" Video

OneDirectionVEVO on YouTube

There's a reason this video has over 85 million YouTube views and the fact that it opens with Malik's face and his sultry vocals may have something to do with it.

When He Bought His Mom a House

OneDirectionVEVO on YouTube

SIGH. As if Directioners needed yet another reason to cry over something Malik did.