10 Ways 'The Vampire Diaries' Convinces Us That Having A Doppelganger Is The Best Thing Ever

Do you ever have so much going on in your life that you sometimes wish there were two of you? Well, as it turns out, that's not completely out of the realm of possibility thanks in large part to the existence of doppelgängers, a concept The Vampire Diaries has mastered over the years. It was a genius move, really, especially on a show where attractiveness is a major prerequisite. (Believe me, seeing double of this cast is never a bad thing.) But this idea extended way beyond the looks factor. In fact, Katherine and Elena's storyline became one of the most intriguing aspects of the show. (Sorry Silas, but Katherine trumps all.)

Between multiple fake-outs and a few cases of identity theft, it became more than clear that life as a doppelgänger could be a pretty sweet deal if you know what you're doing. (And let's face it, Katherine always knew what she was doing.) Because, when you think about it, there are some pretty amazing advantages to knowing someone who looks just like you. Still feeling a little skeptical? That's why I took the liberty of compiling a list of some of the biggest benefits that comes with having a doppelgänger of your very own. Trust me, it's all the proof you'll ever need.

Your Weaknesses Would No Longer Be An Issue

Are you the type of person who makes a terrible first impression on job interviews? Enter your unfairly charming doppelgänger, who could go in your stead and put all that charisma you've only ever dreamed of having to good use.

Your True Friends Would Be Revealed

Because only a true best friend would be able to tell the difference regardless of how identical you both look.

Multi-tasking Would Become A Non-Issue

Two of your close friends are getting married on the same day? No problem! Just flip a coin and see who's going to which event. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

You Could Finally See Yourself From All Angles

It'd be like walking around with a three-dimensional mirror. (Is that really what my hair looks like from the back?)

Curfews Would Be Null & Void

You saw it yourself, Mom and Dad. I was home the entire time.

Haircuts Would Be A Lot Less Scary

Well, at least for the one who isn't acting as the test dummy. But that's what Rock/Paper/Scissors was created for, right?

Your Wardrobe Just Doubled In Size

Sharing is caring, after all.

Embarrassing Moments Could Be Avoided Altogether

It wasn't me. It must've been the other girl who looks like me.

Photobombing Your Own Selfies Could Totally Become A Thing

You know what this picture needs? More of me!

You'd No Longer Have To Choose Between Team Damon & Team Stefan

You could be like Katherine and be Team Both. Now that's what I call a win-win!

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