25 Amazing 'Mad Men' Fashion Moments From Betty, Megan, Peggy, Joan, Sally, And Trudy In Honor Of The Final Season

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As the final episodes of Mad Men approach (the last seven episodes begin April 5 on AMC), it's only appropriate that we do our due diligence and take a look back on television's best dressed ensemble. For seven seasons, costume designer Janie Bryant has transported us with effortlessly crafted, ultra authentic looks that honestly make me wish I was born a baby-boomer.

Although I could easily devote this Mad Men fashion retrospective to just Don Draper in suits, it's really the females who have knocked it out of the park time and again. Throughout the love, tears, scandals, business shockers, and landmark moments in American history, these ladies have turned it out across the decades. Here are 25 of Betty, Megan, Peggy, Joan, Trudy, and Sally's most memorable looks — and I dare you not to beeline to your favorite vintage boutique as soon as we're done.

Images: AMC

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