Book Suggestions for Newsmakers

It's been a week of big news around the world. We've got a few book recommendations for headline makers when they have a chance to read up.

Remember how we almost defaulted on our national debt deadline? Nancy Pelosi called the idea of missing the Thursday deadline "insanity." Come to think of it, GOP leaders can be awfully delusional, irritable, and irrational. Pelosi, pick up 50 Signs of Mental Illness for further research to back up your theory.

Michael Bloomberg's much-whined-about ban on large sugary drinks will be reviewed by the New York Court of Appeals next year, after Mr. Bloomberg leaves office. Bill de Blasio , the Democratic nominee for mayor, has voiced his support for the ban, but doesn't seem as riled up about it as Bloomberg was. Come on, Bill! Down with sodas! Hop on Pop !

A couple was fined for engaging in oral sex on a flight from Oregon to Las Vegas. The affidavit following their arrest states they were asked to stop doing their thang by a flight attendant, and they restrained themselves during the food and beverage service, but then before they landed, the two lovers just had to pick up where they left off. After landing, they were promptly arrested. I consider this very immature Flight Behavior .

Phew. Read up, pals! Bon weekend.