This Is What Justin Bieber Sounds Like When He Covers Metallica

I know you didn't ask for this, and I'm sorry, but as a journalist it is my responsibility and my duty to inform you that this video exists. For some reasons unknown, Justin Bieber decided he wanted to cover Metallica, so he did — and it's just as bad as you'd expect it to be. I say it a lot, but I often wonder what I would do if I encountered this kid on the street. Would I punch him? Would I yell at him for being a brat? Would I make him listen to "Baby" on repeat for days until he loses all semblance of what the word "baby" means because he says it over and over so damn much in that song? I don't know. But I'm leaning towards all of them after watching this clip.

Really, it's just a 15-second rendition of Bieber singing along to the opening riff of Metallica's excellent song, "Fade to Black." This is what it should sound like. Bieber's version, on the other hand, is annoyingly high-pitched, and almost painful to watch because it makes you realize that he's that dude who sings along to guitar solos. Justin Bieber is that guy.

You can check out the video below.