5 Of The Best Ways To Apply Liquid Liner

If there's any beauty skill that truly takes daily practice to perfect, it's applying liquid eye liner — and it doesn't always help that there are a thousand different techniques, all theoretically as good as the next. It's hard to sift through everything, but there are a few options that are certainly easier than the rest if you know how to execute them correctly.

The first day I ever tried applying liquid liner in a cat eye was for a day at school where I literally had to dress up like a cat. At first it was just for the costume, but then I realized that I kind of liked it. And just like that, a signature makeup moment was born. Cat eye liner is a trademark beauty look for a ton of women, and for good reason, too; it makes any look instantly more glam and, once you find the best technique for you, it's an easy everyday beauty habit that looks like it took a lot of extra time to pull off. There's a million different types of eyeliner, and a million different tutorials — but these five of the simplest, most popular ways to apply liquid eye liner are really great places to start.

1. The Super Subtle Cat Eye

This is the tiniest, most subtle cat eye you can go for. Because it's such a thin an delicate line, there's a lot less room for mistakes and you're definitely going to have to learn how to be patient. This video from Adriana Braje is a pretty good step-by-step instructional on how to do so.

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2. Thick Winged Liner With Short Flick

If a thicker winged liner is your thing, this tutorial from Selina Lundstrom is a great source of help – especially the trick with the tape. It saves SO much cleanup time.

And if the line isn't so easy for you, try using tape...

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3. Winged Eyeliner With Long Flick

If a long, thin winged liner is what you're going for, Gena Mourr has you covered. Also: great brows.

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4. Medium Cat Eye — Not Too Thick, Not Too Thin

This is my personal preference for eyeliner, and Ava Allan's tutorial is a super great guide for how to apply it perfectly.

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5. Using A Spoon

OK, so we've all heard about this method. But is it really worth the effort? I don't think it's necessary, but it helps you keep a steady hand and liner line, so I'm sure some people would love it. MissMae144 shows you how it's done.

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Images: YouTube