"Dog Buns" Are The New Man Buns, Except Way Better

I don't know why I do it to myself — I go through occasional purges of Instagram accounts following only animals because I get self-conscious of my person-to-pug following ratio. It's time I give in to fully embrace the splendor of animals on Instagram because life is too short to not regularly peruse accounts like Rich Dogs Of Instagram. It's not like the creativity of showing precious pets via the platform ends there. As of recently, dog buns rule the Internet. Dog parents are now deliberately styling their pooch's head fur into perky top knots. The hashtag search for #dogbun on Instagram lassoes heaps of hilarious and charming results. This new trend absolutely eclipses the ridiculous man buns one. There was no way I could take some dude seriously with a high-perched knob of hair bobbling on top of his head as he tried to talk deep about Bon Iver or whatever. Or even worse: the half-up man bun. (No, but why??) When a pup rocks the dog bun, though, it seems much more acceptable. It's not just fashionable, it seems practical for keeping Fido's field of vision clear while running all over. (Man bun men, on the other hand, are obviously never in a rush anywhere, save perhaps a sale at H&M, which is acceptable.) In blatant comparison:

The #manbun versus #dogbun one:

Sorry, dude. There is no contest here.

The confusing one:

My ovaries don't know the appropriate reaction.

The Coachella one:

"Where's my effing flower crown?"

The winter edition one:

Keep his fluff more frost-free by keeping its extra fluff up and outta the way.

The Netflix-all-day one:

So messy and chill. LOVE.

The starter one:

Getting there, bud!

The er...almost one:

Not all dog hair is created equal, I get that. A for effort.

I wonder how that super popular Peaker Blinders haircut all dudes seem to currently favor would transfer to dogs...not that I'd try that or anything. Definitely not on my cat. Never...

Images: hsaltz/Instagram; Giphy