How To Dress Like A Coachella Girl for Halloween

There are few things as fantastically weird as Coachella fashion... why does it have to happen only once a year? Oh wait, it doesn't! Thank you, Halloween. If you had a few outfits that didn't get their planned debut at Coachella this year (because you packed about six looks too many or, you know, just didn't go), now's your time to shine. Dressing like a Coachella girl for Halloween is the perfect excuse to dust off the ol' flower crown, channel your inner Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and simply look cute for the holiday (not that you need an excuse, ever).

Coachella, Coachella, Coachella. It is so many things. A music festival, yes; but it's also an opportunity to dress as outrageously hip as is humanly possible. There is no such thing as excess when you go to Coachella, and the same rules apply on Halloween.

Just like at the actual festival, you have some options when it comes to picking your style. Here are the five most recognizable Coachella personas, plus some simple tips on how to achieve these looks for Halloween. Let's be cool, people.

Important side-note: Whether you go feminine, retro, or chic, your Coachella costume will also require the complementing Coachella attitude (i.e. you should spend most of the night telling your friends that whatever song is playing is totally overrated), so be sure to have it in tow when you make your entrance.

1. The Feminine Flower Child

There are three keywords to adhere to that will turn you into this most feminine of Coachella attendees: fringe, flowers, and lace. Also, rainbows, because it's Halloween, and color is crucial. (OK, four keywords, whatever.) Look to Lana Del Rey for some flower crown inspiration, and pick up some body paint at the craft store. You know the drill. Make yourself look like you belong in the decade of free love. Here are 13 festival-ready accessories to get you started.

2. The Ultimate Hipster

Coachella is a place where hipsters thrive, so dressing up like one is a fast and easy fix when you need to throw together a costume quickly. Pull out your cutest overalls (because yes, overalls had a huge moment this summer), throw on a geo top, and add some knee-high rubber boots — voila, you're good to go! Maybe add in a hot pink lip and some retro sunglasses as well, just to spice things up hipster-style.

3. The Spirit Animal

Oh yes, the spirit-animal-loving-crowd. Such a great crowd. Think whimsical. Basically anything slouchy from Anthropologie will do. Maybe a tie-dye jumper and an oversized kimono? Sure. Toss on some bedazzled cat ears, stackable rings, and a splash of glitter? Totally.

4. The IDGAF Kid

The IDGAF Coachella candidate basically gives you a reason to wear all your super edgy clothes at the same time. That being said, mix and match colors and textures. Acid-wash denim, neon nylon, quilted leather, and netted tops are some prime candidates. Oh, and don't forget your retro shades. Gotta have the retro shades.

5. The Girl Who Is Just Too Cool

This Coachella girl is almost instantly recognizable. She's the one who looks like she might be someone famous, but probably isn't. She's also great inspiration when it comes to dressing up, mainly because you get to look so damn chic. Now is the time to pull out the fedora, the tortoise cat-eye glasses, and an inappropriate graphic tee. Also important to note, you should probably keep your sunglasses on at all times, day or night, outside or inside. It's all about the 'tude with this costume.

Bonus: Add A Kendall Jenner Nose Ring

Chris Weeks/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It was the defining accessory of Coachella this year, and really, when else are you ever going to have a chance to wear such a huge nose ring? Answer: Never. Happy Halloween.

Images: Thomas Hawk/Flickr; Polyvore (5); Getty Images