What's Scott Disick Hiding On 'KUWTK'? It Could Be One Of These 4 Secrets

The best kind of episode on Keeping Up With The Kardashians is a Scott-centric episode, and that's exactly what we're getting this Sunday night. Apparently, Scott's being extra shady and trying to keep a secret from his family, and obviously Kourtney's determined to get to the bottom of it, no matter what it takes. Not even Khloe, Scott's BFF, has any idea what he's up to, which is saying a lot — unless, of course, she's hiding whatever it is from Kourtney, too. So what's the deal? What's Scott hiding?

I have spent the past 10 seasons trying to decode the intricacies that make up Scott Disick, but even I'm not totally sure about what this could mean. Being that he's my favorite Kardashian (even though he's not technically a Kardashian) and generally the best part of the show, I'd like to think I'm a bit of an expert on Scott, but being that the promo from E! gives out literally no clues as to what this dude is up to, I'm dying of curiosity.

And although I have a feeling E!'s going to keep us in the dark until the new episode airs on Sunday, I have a few guesses about what his secret could be.

He Has A Secret Family He Never Told Us About

Like, a wife and kids in Wisconsin. They live a simple life, but when Kourtney thinks Scott is flying off to a club promotion or a weekend away with the boys, really he's out munching on cheese and visiting his other family. Obviously, the other family is fully aware of the Kardashians, but since I doubt Kourtney has ever been to Wisconsin (or any of those states in the middle, really) she never caught on... until now.

He's Officially Become Part Of The English Monarchy — For Real Though

Being a Lord wasn't enough for Scott, so when he ran into the Queen one day while he was buying new fur capes, he managed to sweet talk her into making him an actual prince. Ugh, wouldn't Kourtney make the best princess? She and Kate Middleton could totally be BFFs.

He's Actually A Spy

The Scott Disick persona? It's actually all an act. Scott's actually a hyper intelligent, super successful member of the CIA who was planted to keep an eye on the Kardashians in case they try to take over the world. So far, he's failing.

He Doesn't Pick Out His Own Clothes

Scott likes to act like he has style, but what if he doesn't? What if, left to his own devices, he'd choose to wear a t-shirt and jorts? JORTS, people. Obviously, he hires a stylist and acts like he's the one choosing all those expensive tailored suits and ascots. Nope, there's some woman named Marge, secretly shipping him boxes of Givenchy suits from France.

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