Is Mindy Kaling Dating Anyone? If She Was, We'd Probably See It On Instagram

Even though they look exactly alike, spoiler alert: Mindy Kaling — writer and star of The Mindy Project — and Dr. Mindy Lahiri, her Kim Kardashian-obsessed OB/GYN character are NOT, in fact, the same person. It seems like a simple truth to grasp, but when The Mindy Project ran away with a surprising plot line — real spoilers now — in which Mindy and Danny got pregnant, it caused a lot of confusion. Kaling got a lot of confused tweets about asking why she was drinking from terrified and concerned Twitter fans. But no, Mindy Kaling is decidedly not pregnant like her character on The Mindy Project. On the show she's madly in love with uptight goober Danny Castellano, but in real life, is Mindy Kaling dating anyone? If she were, we would probably know.

First of all, we know that Kaling loves love. Even when she was a writer and actress on The Office, Kaling's Kelly Kapoor was a romance-obsessed gossip queen who wanted attention lavished on her by the temp, Ryan (her real-life BFF and former boyfriend BJ Novak) who is really just not that into it. And obviously, The Mindy Project started as a rom-com show constantly borrowing from and shouting out to the great tropes of the rom-com canon.

As for Kaling in real life, though, she's single, and not at all in distress about it. She talked to Good Housekeeping in January about how much she loves her parents' long, loving marriage, but that isn't something she's looking for at the moment: "I don’t need marriage. I don’t need anyone to take care of all my needs and desires. I can take care of them myself now." Damn right she can.

But that doesn't mean that she's all by herself. She said in the same interview that she was "dating around" and having fun with those first, few magical months of relationships, which really are a hell of a lot of fun even though dating casually is sometimes a nightmare. So it is safe to say that as of now, no, Kaling isn't attached to any ball and chain, which is unfortunate for all men, because I bet she would be an amazing girlfriend.

And besides, if Mindy Kaling were dating anybody right now, could she even keep it a secret?! She is the extreme queen of gossip, but not in a bad way. Reading her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? felt like finally becoming friends with that cool girl you always see around having her tell you everything about her life. We know that Kaling likes to have fun and flaunt all the fun stuff she's doing in her life, especially through social media.

She and BJ Novak have the most adorable best-friendship in the world and flaunt it all over Instagram and Twitter, and Kaling loves to posts fun behind-the-scenes candids from shooting on The Mindy Project. I have no doubt that if she were dating someone, we'd all be getting live-tweets and adorable seflies from Kaling and her beau. In the meantime, though, we're just going to have to hope and pray that she and BJ Novak eventually get married and have the most hilariously witty children ever.