New Music Tuesday Will Be No More As Of This Summer, So Let Us Bid It Farewell

It’s official: As of the seventh month of this year, New Music Tuesday will be no more. According to Music Week, as of July 10, 2015, the global new music release day will be Friday. Last month, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry declared Friday the official global music release day, but the effective date had not been announced. Why global? If a new album drops on the same day around the world, the IFPI predicts that piracy will be less likely to happen. According to Frances Moore of the IFPI, “the global release day narrows the gap on piracy by making it less likely that consumers will go to pirate sites when they can’t get new releases in their country.”

But why Friday? According to Moore, consumers do a lot of online and IRL shopping on Fridays. People be shoppin' on Friday. Additionally, people be tweetin' on Friday: Moore explains that Friday is "also the time of greatest activity on social media, helping amplify the buzz around new releases everywhere."

Man. I can't believe New Music Tuesday will be dunzo. Kaput. Gone with the wind. Do I have any parting words for New Music Tuesday? Why, yes. Yes, I do:

Oh, dearest New Music Tuesday. I always liked you. No, I’m not just saying that because you’re leaving. Without New Music Tuesday, Tuesday is Regular ol' Tuesday. Regular ol' Tuesday is that day that’s recovering from the case of the Mondays preceding it, and it is the day that is a whopping four days away from the weekend. Regular ol' Tuesday is a drag.

New Music Tuesday is so much more than Tuesday. It's easy to look forward to New Music Tuesday. New Music Tuesday is a party. New Music Tuesday is a mid-week pick-me-up. Listening to a brand spankin' new album for the first time makes the day go by so quickly. You play the new album several times in a row, and before you know it, the workday is over. You blink and it's Wednesday.

Friday is already a terrific day. Everyone loves Friday. Friday doesn't need any help. New Music Friday will be impossible to compete with. Oh, it's the end of the traditional work week AND there are fresh jams? Unstoppable one-two punch. Obviously, I will like New Music Friday, but it won't be the same.

I will miss you, New Music Tuesday, you scrappy day, you. Regular ol' Tuesday has major shoes to fill.

It's so haaaaard/to saaaay goodbyeeee/to New Music Tuesdaaaaay-EEEEEEE.

Image: swedishfishrule/tumblr