Abby Lee Miller's Kids Choice Speech About Why 'Dance Moms' Isn't For Kids Was a Head-Scratcher

Abby Lee Miller knows that most Dance Moms viewers think she's "really mean," she made that perfectly clear in her Kids Choice Awards acceptance speech for Favorite Reality Show. In fact, that's about the only thing she made clear. Even though all of the kids from the show also took the stage to accept their award, it was Abby Lee Miller who took over speech duties, and her speech was full of little Easter eggs that will surely be deciphered by Dance Moms fanatics for years to come, starting with this doozy of an opening line: "We win a trophy every single weekend, but this means so, so much to all of you."

All of us?! It's true that millions of kids turned in their votes to make the pick for Favorite Reality Show their own choice, but surely that Kids' Choice Award personally meant more to Abby and her fleet of wunderkind dancers than to the viewers at home. So, maybe that was just a slip of the tongue, and A.L.M. meant to say that, even though they win a trophy "every single weekend" (OK, OK, we get it) this specific orange blimp really meant something special to them. But that doesn't explain why her next line indicates even more that she's all about making sure someone out there — who? I have no idea — knows that young people love them some Abby Lee: "And for those of you that think I'm really mean, the kids get it."

I think technically, what the kids probably get is that Abby is like an outlandishly mean teacher from a Nickelodeon show come to life, but we can let her have this reasoning. (Also, the kids probably get that Maddie Ziegler has been in a bunch of really cool music videos for Sia.) But with all this talk about kids loving Dance Moms, and Dance Moms meaning so much to kids, someone please tell me what Abby Lee Miller is talking about in this oddly pointed closing statement: "And I just wanna say, Lifetime, you're not a children's network, and we're not a kids' show — just look around... look at all these kids!"

I do not know what that means.

Lifetime does not know what that means.

"All these kids" definitely don't know what that means.

All I know is that little Mackenzie Ziegler, an actual child and star of Dance Moms, nods her head vigorously at the concept that this show is not a kids' show.

As much as everyone else has embraced that Abby Lee Miller is a scary lady and maybe not the best role model for children, Abby seems to be convinced otherwise; her reality was their favorite to watch this year, after all. Did you hear that, Lifetime? The kids love Abby Lee Miller and Abby Lee Miller loves... well, she loves Abby Lee Miller.

Images: giphy (2); Tumblr/realitytvgifs