Justin Bieber Forgets The Lyrics During Surprise Performance With Ariana Grande, But He's Really Sorry About It — VIDEO

Lately Ariana Grande has been a busy lady. She's currently on the road for the Honeymoon Tour and the Florida native returned to her roots on Saturday with a show in Miami. While that makes the concert automatically special, she had a special treat for fans. Justin Bieber joined Ariana Grande on-stage for a surprise performance.

As seen in a TMZ video, the audience — filled with cat ear headbands, of course — screams non-stop as Grande and Bieber perform "Love Me Harder." While the crowd probably knew every lyric, the same isn't true for the Biebs. Apparently he forgot the words.

Although the song is usually performed with The Weeknd, Justin Bieber filled in on the male vocals. Or at least he tried to. Poor Bieber studied "for like an hour" beforehand, trying to get the words right, but he totally blanked. He apologized to the audience afterward, saying:

I feel a little bad. I forgot the words. I've been trying to memorize [the lyrics] backstage for like an hour. I feel so bad. I'm so sorry. Do you guys forgive me?

Ariana repeatedly assures him "it's OK" and points out that the fans were screaming too loudly to even notice.

While it may be a bit embarrassing to forget the lyrics, no one seemed to mind. Fans still professed their love for Bieber after the show. He posted an Insta video to prove it.

He even acknowledged forgetting the lyrics again when sharing a photo on Instagram. Clearly he felt really bad about it. I think this is the most apologetic we've ever seen J. Biebs. If only he had been this apologetic for some of his previous shenanigans, right?

And in case you're wondering, Ariana and Justin go way back. Remember that whole "controversy" when Grande posted a photo of Bieber kissing her on the cheek in 2013?

So obviously these two are old friends and he did the show to support his friend. So therefore all is forgiven, Bieber. All is forgiven!